Student Outreach

March 12th and 18th 2011 peace4paws was honored to visit  AniPals, the animal advocacy club of Hackensack High School, Hackensack, New Jersey to discuss animals in research and the importance of sanctuary.  We were met by a group of 25 enthusiastic students, under the direction of Mrs. Cindi Ortiz.  Many people say they are too sensitive to learn about the plight of lab animals, but, under the direction of Mrs. Ortiz, the students listened to all the facts. Becoming aware of the situation affecting animals of research is just a temporary discomfort, but for the animals the varying levels of discomfort or deprivation is a round the clock reality. The students  expressed an intuitive understanding that the best place for our domesticated dogs and cats, for example, is in a loving home, not a laboratory.

Motivated to help the animals of research and related fields find sanctuary, the students raised money from their cookie sales to help provide food for the Songs of Hope Event, and many, including their leader, plan to attend.  The students enjoyed sampling all natural cleaning products.  But, above all they LOVED meeting BLACKIE! Everyone was glad that Blackie was rescued from a vet clinic where he was known as the "donor dog" . Everyone enjoyed Blackie's company and we are all happy that Blackie is enjoying student outreach and just being a family pet.