Blackie socializes with Max, the cocker poo. Blackie gets along with everybody, including his own cracy cocker poo brother, Freddie Gloves. 

Volunteers (and rescuers) Steve Cohen, Kerry Mulvanney, Emily, Lilly, Michelle, Amanda Berk enjoying a rare 
moment of quiet during this energetic dog and people event. 

​ supports and promotes all reputable local, national and international animal charities - and wants you to as well! 
Animals are the best -- so do all you can - while you can.  Please give you time and money to help the kind animals anyway you can, especially the animals of research and related fields - they are hidden and really need your help to find sanctuary. 

We have invited many charities to participate in our events, Pawsfest in particular we have welcomed many dog, cat and rabbit charities.

We regularly participate in other charities events or are invited to adoption events by local businesses, such as the Allendale Veterinary Hospital, Emerson Animal Hospital, Westwood Pets, The Westwood Chamber's Sidewalk Sale, Thomaston Feed of Rivervale, Petco, Petsmart and More.

We participated in The Second and Third Annual Dogfest Event ( and maybe more by now) which brought together local rescue groups, vendors and more to raise funds for North Jersey animal organizations and to stimulate more adoption of homeless companion animals. 

This particular event in photos below included hundreds of people .  At the time this event was organized by Open Doors an Amazing Grace Foundation, a non-profit founded by Ruth Tschudin of River Vale, New Jersey.BLACKIE HAD A GREAT TIME AND MADE LOTS OF NEW FRIENDS!!! 

Here are some pictures from Dogfest that we are excited to share! 

Please enjoy the pix and be sure to scroll to the end so you can read about Champ, the Miracle Dog!!!!! He was there too, a true testimony about how these pets help us more than we help them. Come next year, it was fun!

Blackie howls with delight to meet another Cocker Poo, this is a cute girl named Coco.

Parade of Dogs!  And they are all wearing the adopt me signs. All very well behaved dogs!

Sister Charities

Trader Joe's set up a treat sniffing game. Good treats there. 
Blackie is concentrating intently to figgure out which cup has the treat. 
He enjoys eating paper too, so, he might just eat the cup as well.  He also eats money and checks. 
Jennifer Cece, Co-Chair, and Emily and Lilly watch attentively. 

A curious Golden Retriever sniffs p4p member Amanda Berk's booth, while Lilly and Amanda work. 

Blackie jumps to grab a treat from trainer, Amanda Berk, as p4p volunteer Steve Cohen holds his leash happily. 
So many scents for a hound dog like Blackie to experience at an event like this. Great fun! 

Blackie finally rests under the table, and everyone, Jennifer Cece, Kerry Mulvanney, Amanda Berk, and Steve Cohen
all had a very nice day being among other volunteers and other people who care about animals!!!! 

We look forward to the next local animal event so we can take our picture with Champ the Miracle Dog 
( . Please read Champs story -- it is so beautiful.  

Champ is such a kind, loving, and gentle dog, a true testimony that no matter what an animal endures ( 3/4 of Champs body
was burned by a caustic substance and left in the street in Paterson, New Jersey, crying and on fire) ,they still want to love you and trust you with all their heart and soul. 

Plenty of animals are used to test caustic substances in laboratories. Beagles is the number one breed of animals used when testing on live puppies and dogs. But certainly, these beagles can still enjoy their lives afterward and help others more, given the chance. Like Champ, the have an indomitable will to love and be loved.  Just look into Champs eyes!  

And as Champ's champion dog parent and healer, Micheal Martin, said emphatically, to a crowd of hundreds, at the August, 2010, Dogfest, " this dog helped me more than I helped him". 

How and why would someone put caustic chemicals on a live animal?  We are not sure -- but -- as we have learned from Champ, Blackie, and other animals who have had challenging pasts  -- we are certain --- that if you, give them the chance of a good home, your home will never be the same. It willl be exponentially better!

Animals bring us love.  Let us do what we can, to help them all find good homes, and that includes all the animals of research
and related fields, because they all have the same big, caring hearts and deserve nothing but the best. See pictures below!