Arooo! More Pawsome success stories coming soon!!!


3 year old Chubbs was abandoned at a kill shelter in KY.  Because he is large, male, adult and pitbull mix, he had to watch all the kennels around him be emptied many times over before he was rescued.  Peace4Paws was so worried about him in that cold, lonely shelter, and so we had to rescue him.  He was sweet from the start, he was
such a well-behaved and loving dog in transport.  His foster Dad fell so much in love with that he had to adopt him.  We found out later that Chubbs had heartworm and we made sure he received excellent treatment for that from Old Tappan Veterinary.  Onxy and Breezy Foundation even gave a grant to handsome Chubbs to cover some of his medical care.  His Dad loves him so.  He said about Chubbs after the first couple of weeks Chubbs was able to relax and settle into the new surroundings. He has really become part of the family and everyone who meets him just loves him. Chubbs is so content sitting at the front door looking out at the front yard. He is getting a fan club with some of the kids in the neighborhood, as they pass by waving to him or if we are outside stopping to pet him. He is truly a special dog ! 


Adorable Sweetie has found her forever home.  She has been adopted and is living in Allendale, New Jersey with Danielle, her daughter Tori, and her doggie brother Buddy.  Sweetie is enjoying exploring her new home, cuddling with her new family, and playing in the yard with Buddy.


Beauty has been adopted by a loving family in Demarest.  Before coming to Peace4Paws, Beauty had been hit by a car and left in a kill shelter in Kentucky. Once Peace4Paws brought her NJ, Beauty underwent surgery and is currently undergoing physical therapy to ensure she will be able walk, run and play again.  Her new family is helping her through the rehabilitation and lavishing her with love and affection.

Happy Tails