On January 18, 2013 - we raised $1,245 
from the Candlelight Yoga with Mary Beth Barnhart at Sukha Arts Center.
Thank you Mary Beth, Christine from Sukha and all the other volunteers! 

Check out the page on the event by clicking on this link : Candlelight Yoga with Mary Beth.



October 7, 2012 @ Grace Episcopal Church of Westwood

Our Second Annual Event Was A Great Success Thanks To All Of You!

On October 7, 2012, at Grace Episcopal Church, 9 Harrington Avenue, Westwood, NJ the community came out in mass to enjoy this fun for the whole family animal event.  Most attended the ecumenical Blessing of the Animals Mass with Father Rob Rhodes along with their pet birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, and turtles.  In the large parish hall there were also many loving dogs (from The Last Resort), cats (from FOCAS), and rabbits (from Hug - a - Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Inc) available to foster or adopt. THREE CATS WERE ADOPTED!

Wendy Erickson was back again taking journalistic quality photos, like the one below on this page. Her new book of photos from Pawsfest 2012 will be out soon – we will keep you posted! Check out her website with photos from last year by clicking here.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, Amanda's No Tricks Just Treats, Doggy Deuce, For Excellence In Care, Gina Colagero, Attorney at Law, Lewis Drugs, Watch Out Jewelers, and Westwood Pets as well as all our food donors.  Visit "Pawsfest 2012 Sponsors" for more info on our sponsors, the event, and to view pictures from the event.Because of the high attendance and the pre and post event donations, peace4paws was able to give financial support to 6 research animal sanctuaries and five local shelters who are open to helping animals that were used in research and related fields.  This year’s sanctuary charities include The Kindness Ranch, Save the Chimps, Mindy’s Memories, Jungle Friends, Amigos De Los Animales, The Beagle Freedom Project, and the three local charities who brought adoptable animals to our event, HugaBunny Rabbit Rescue, The Last Resort, and FOCAS as well as two other local charities that welcome research animals Mylestone Equine Rescue, and Pet’s Alive.

This is Puddy at The Blessing of the Animals, 2011. Freegle Puddy, is a rescued lab beagle, and an extremely happy boy! Click here to read his story. 
Thanks to the advocates who believe that research animals deserve a chance, Puddy is with us today, living a great life with his loving family in Bergen County. 
Now he even has his own coffee flavor, which he is very proud of... so when you come to Pawsfest, on Sunday, October 7th,be sure to try Puddy's special Freegle French Vanilla gourmet coffee from Moondoggie of Hackensack, NJ, www.Moondoggie.com, and help more beagles like him have the opportunity to love and play and run and attend fun events like Pawsfest! 
If you need some gourmet coffee sooner please visit our sponsors Lewis Drugs, Westwood Pets and Watch Out Jewelers, all of Westwood, New Jersey.
And here is the lovely female Freegle, Harriet, her coffee is called Harriet's Heavenly Hazelnut, available at www.moondoggie.com, here she is performing at the Songs of Hope, with doting parents Melanie and Van. She will be at the Blessing of the Animals 2012 as well! 

On April 26-28, 2013 - we raised over $5,000 
from Animal Benefit Weekend.
Thank you Grace Episcopal Church, Session Bistro, Linda Balliro and Westwood Music Studioand all the other volunteers! 

Songs Of Hope 2012
April 22, 2012 @ Grace Episcopal Church of Westwood

Thank You To All Those Who Supported This Event!

Thanks to the generosity of our audience and donors we were able to raise almost 50 percent more money than last year and thus we were able to add two more charities to our list of beneficiaries - Mindy's Memories Primate Sanctuary of Oklahoma ( the place where the Harriet, Juno, and Puddy Freegle  Beagle monkey friends were rescued to after AniClin (of New Jersey)  closed down, please see the whole story on Harriet's page. ) and Save the Chimps of Florida.  We had wanted from the start to help the monkeys too, and now, finally we were able to do so. Our beneficiaries includeHudson Valley Humane Society, Pomona, New York (home of Liberty, the former blood donor cat), Mylestone Equine Rescue, Phillipsburg, New Jersey (home of Cleo, the former contagious equine metritis test mare), Beagle Freedom Project, Valley Village, California ( rescue for laboratory beagles), and the Kindness Ranch, Hartsville, Wyoming. 
Kindness Ranch Executive Director, Mike Stabler, presented at the beginning of both Songs of Hope shows and spent time meeting everyone at the reception. We learned first hand that he is a humble down to earth guy that has an incredible amount of knowledge about the research animal industry and sanctuary. He also had a wealth of knowledge.
 ***** Our Reception and Exhibits Event was beautiful thanks to Susan Boudrot of Westwood Pets and all our wonderful volunteers who helped in many ways in addition to the reception as well, such as Alix Boudrot, Amanda Berk, Elaine Berk, Charles Bellon, John Mendlovitz, Dan McNaught, Sue DiStefano, Mickie Roman, Tom Timbrook (Darress Theatre), Sherie Pinella, Kate Aubrey,Mary Rachich, Artie Cohen, Jim Cagle, Katie Cagle, Cathy Schmidt, Michael Roemer, Melanie Portche, Van Portche, Mary Beth Barnhart, and her daughter, and so many more . ******
Our reception was filled with delicious food (thank you Vicky Charron), raffle prizes, free samples of dog & cat foods and items, shopping opportunities for animals and people, holistic health, animal law, and more. Pianist Sarah Solow played wonderful piano music throughout the reception with surprise singers. 
All of our performers, such as Melanie Portche and Harriet below were absolutely fantastic. Amazing talent converged in Westwood to help the animals of research and related fields.  We are so thankful and appreciative to have had Sara Henry, and the Palisades Opera which included board members Jennifer Cece Bellon, Jim Cagle and Ronni Sarrett Lederman among us.


peace4paws is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 public charity  //  all donations are tax deductible