There were SEVEN adoptable dogs at Sukha Arts Center. Many are still available. Visit The Last Resort to meet them and spread the word. Lets get them all good homes!!!


This page is dedicated to the helping the retired research animals at
The Kindness Ranch and the homeless foster dogs and cats at 
the Last Resort Rescue through YOGA!.  

Please read about this great event and check out the 70 pictures by scrolling below.

Thank You Mary Beth, Christine, everyone at Sukha, the Last Resort, peace4paws and all of you, 
who attended for your enormous effort and support for making this event so successful.


You may purchase tickets for $20 each at the door or before the date by going to our "donate" page.  
If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to make a donation of any amount on the donate page.  Thank you ! 

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Success At Sukha -  $1245 raised for Animal Charities Sukha partnered with peace4paws for Hurricane Sandy dogs and Research Animals

In the middle of hard economic times, Owner Christine Chan of Sukha Arts Center wasn’t asking for a cut of the proceeds for the gigantic January 18, Candlelight Yoga with Mary Beth animal benefit, she was asking what more can she do to help the homeless animals?  How can there be more adoptable pets at the event?  Sukha was only expecting at most 35 people to take the yoga class, but 64 had registered so rather than turn away the enthusiasm and the much needed funds for the animals, she knocked down walls in the main room to make way for more people AND opened up another room in the upstairs area for a second class to try to make everyone “om” happily as they stretched from one yogic pose to the next.  Christine invited her entire staff to volunteer for the event and they were all needed between coats, food, furniture, dog affection and of course yoga!  Between Sukha, and co organizer Northern New Jersey 501 c 3 charity, peace4paws , as well as Mary Beth and Mary Beth’s children’s 11 year old friends, the energy and enthusiasm to help homeless animals find homes was contagious, and $1245 was raised from Friday night yoga! The beneficiaries were The Last Resort foster group and The Kindness Ranch Sanctuary for Research Animals! 

In harmony with a handpicked  playlist of music, 75 candles, and expert vinyasa flow, Mary Beth Barnhart of River Vale, championed  a conscience raising yoga class on an extremely unique topic.  Mary Beth took weeks to organize her theme.  This was her personalized approach to educating about the need for sanctuary for research animals.   Mary Beth taught the class about the 3 ‘s of research which is reduction, refinement, and  replacement using imagery.  Reduction refers to using less animals to obtain the same data.  Refinement means to make the process less painful or stressful for the animals.  Replacement refers to finding non-animals means of testing, which is enormously on the rise worldwide. 

At one point, Mary Beth said “Imagine one of your favorite animals.  See them with their mother and their siblings full of innocence and joy.  Now imagine the cages in a laboratory where your animal is moved.  Let s  send out a vibration to the researchers, the caretakers, and the others associated with the research that they may abide by 3 R’s set forth in the 50’s and now the 4th R, which is rehabilitation.  Let’s send out a positive Om that your animal finds sanctuary. ”The final song on Mary Beth’s playlist was Sanctuary, and then the big party began upstairs where there were lots to drink, eat and friendly adoptable dogs to play with from the Last Resort. The party ended at 2 am in Harrington Park. 

This was a night when the Heart Chakra really shined.  The heart chakra is green, and means, love.  There were so many volunteers behind the scenes, spreading the word through social media, and those who posted signs in dogparks and storefronts and kind newspapers that helped make that green heart chakra shine to the tune of $1245 for the animals AND even better –applications were made for adoptable dogs after the event.  Spanky (pictured) is stil available for adoption. For a complete list of adoptable dogs please check out  For pictures from the event please visit and 

( January Press Release Published by local newspapers )

Peace4paws organizes January 18th Candlelight Yoga to help adoptable companion animals.

Hurricanes Sandy’s timing could not have been worse for pets.

Before Sandy, the shelters were inundated with abandoned pets due to over four years of high unemployment and a poor economy.  More people were surrendering their pets due to loss of jobs or homes, and even less people were adopting than previous years.  Charities like peace4paws and rescue groups, like The Last Resort, have been working harder than ever to help find homes for the increasing number of abandoned companion pets, and then, if things weren’t hard enough, Sandy hit, leaving thousands more animals’ homeless. 

Throughout all this post Hurricane chaos, as usual, even less is heard about the fate of research animals, which includes dogs and cats locked in laboratories when Sandy hit.  It was estimated that 10,000 live research animals were killed at one nearby New York City university that teaches students to research on animals. These animals were trapped in the basement and left to drown.  There are similar stories involving additional hardships affecting research animals across the east coast. Facts like this do not typically circulate to the general public, but, animal charity and rescue are informed and motivated to action to help animals.   

To deal with tragedies like this at laboratories and in the shelters due to Sandy, rescue groups and charities like peace4paws and The Last Resort are stepping up efforts to help animals in need find loving homes. They are partnering with empathetic local businesses such as Sukha Arts Center of Harrington Park to hold fundraising events which will benefit both rescue group and research animal sanctuary. 

On January 18, 2013, at 7 pm, peace4paws and Sukha Arts Center will present Candlelight Yoga with Mary Beth, in the new, elegant Sukha Arts Center space, in Harrington Park, New Jersey.  Seasoned yoga teacher, Mary Beth Barnhart, of River Vale, provides a multilevel class with asanas (yoga poses) and vinyasa ( a combination  of yoga poses in a flow) that accommodates various skill levels.  Mary Beth always offers modifications to accommodate beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.

Here is what people are saying about Mary Beth Barnhart’s classes.

Tom Moore of Closter, New Jersey, said, “Mary Beth’s classes are a fantastic combination of strength, cardio and flexibility training with safety and humor mixed together.  Best all-around workouts I have ever taken. “

Megan Lavner of Westwood, New Jersey said “her classes are the ultimate mind body fitness model. Presented as intermediate, she goes extremely out of her way to make students feel comfortable. She is my favorite yogi and much of my learning I've spent by practicing with Mary Beth, and plan to be a protégé for life. 

As one of Mary Beth’s students, Nancy Weiss said “Mary Beth's classes are warm, inviting, and welcoming to all levels”.  In a world of full of stress and anxiety, yoga is a prescribed antidote.  Yoga is a place to claim your inner peace, and connect with a sense of compassion for yourself and others. 

Peace4paws established their charity to make sure that compassion towards others included research animals. This event supports the right of research animals to sanctuary and shelter animals to forever homes.  As Mary Beth said, “That is why we are doing this because we believe deeply that these loving creatures deserve loving homes".

It’s not just the unconditional love that people adore about dogs, cats and other companion animals. The benefits of living with pets are actually been scientifically proven to have certain health benefits.

Studies have shown that pets help to lower peoples’ blood pressure, lessen anxiety, and boost immunity. Some research finds that kids growing up in a home with furred animals will have less risk of allergies and asthma. Enjoyable activities such as playing with a dog can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which just means less depression and more happiness.

Even just petting a dog is shown to lower blood pressure and The Last Resort will be bringing some adoptable cats and dogs to the event.  If there is a particular dog or cat of interest it is best to visit the list of adoptable pets at

The beneficiaries of Candlelight Yoga with Mary Beth will be the foster animals with The Last Resort and retired research animals at the Kindness Ranch sanctuary of Hartsville, Wyoming, see or visit our page about the Kindness Ranch.We visited and we know they do a great job of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals retired from use in research labs and related fields.

There will be a reception after the yoga class of wine, cheese and assorted foods and desserts.  The suggested donation for the event is $20 payable at the door, but donations can be made at any time to peace4paws at "donate". 

To reserve a spot at the Candlelight Yoga event, please contact Christine of Sukha Arts Center, 201 768- 2455. 

Between the yoga, the animals, the wine, the foods and the friendly atmosphere at Sukha Arts Center, this event promises to be both relaxing and satisfying experience to all at a time when the animals are in need of support the most. 

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man."

 - Charles Darwin.