(Feist Mix)

Adult • Male • Medium

If ever there was a Mr. Congeniality of dogs it would be Roger! This handsome charismatic boy gets along with everybody: cats, dogs, little kids, everyone. Cute and long legged but medium sized Roger has a shiny Brindle coat and adorable bobtail. Sweet Feist Roger Is up to date on all his shots, microchipped, and neutered. He is also ready right now to be your forever boy. To apply, please click below. Thank you for your interest in Roger.


Yes we do allow our fosters to adopt.


(Rat Terrier Mix)

Adult • Female • Small

Daisy is a 25-pound rat terrier that is about 2 years old. She is spayed, potty trained, and up to date on all her vaccinations. Daisy came to New Jersey from Mississippi after being abandoned in a boarding facility by a family that never came back for her. Daisy was heartbroken and did not understand why she was left. Luckily, Peace4Paws had her transported to the Jersey shore and her new family instantly fell in love with her. The family already had a female rat terrier in the house and it seemed as if the girls would be best buddies, and at first they were. Eventually after she settled in, Daisy’s new family saw that she was an extremely fearful dog that was afraid of pretty much everything—new people, tall men, other dogs, visitors, etc. While Daisy’s family was working with her to overcome these fears, Daisy became very attached to the head female human in the household, and when the resident dog would enter a room Daisy saw her as a threat and would strike at her for fear that it would prevent her from getting all the love from her favorite human. The two rat terriers ended up getting into some pretty bad battles and Daisy’s trainer/behaviorist said that Daisy absolutely has to be the ONLY dog in a household with no children or other pets in order to have a happy life. 

That being said, Daisy has the potential to be a WONDERFUL dog with some training and love. She really needs someone to help her get over her fears and realize that there are some good humans out there who she can trust and who will love her and never abandon her. She absolutely does not need anyone who thinks being physical with her is a good training tactic; this will further set her back. She also would NOT like to be crated all day. She will take some time to adjust, so she needs a quiet, patient home with not too much action. 
Daisy is a loyal dog that absolutely loves sitting by your side on the couch, hard bones that she can work on for days, a fenced in back yard for running and hunting, and someone that is happy to walk her. She is 100% housebroken and goes nicely in her crate at night for bedtime. When you say her name she does the most adorable head tilt and when you stop petting her she will put her paw on top of your hand to let you know she is not done with you just yet! 

Daisy is a very special dog that needs a very special person. Daisy’s family wants to keep her but two fighting dogs is not a good situation with a young child in the house nor is it good for the resident dog that has been injured. Daisy has been an absolute angel to the 5-year-old child in the family, but we are suggesting that since she has been bounced around so much that she be with an adult only family to optimize her chances of a good life.
We are praying that there is a loving person that will take this sweet girl regardless of her past that has made her so fearful. Please click below to complete an application.

Adoptable Dogs


We have lots of dogs available for foster or adoption.  Please contact us and we will send you a list of these dogs. 

Below are the dogs we currently have in foster here in New Jersey right now.


(Beagle & Shepherd Mix)

Adult • Female • Large

Meet gentle, mellow beagle-shepherd mix Tori. She was surrendered her family only because - sadly - they lost their home. She joined the family as a wee puppy and grew up with kids, cats, and other dogs. This delightful 6 year old 65-lb. girl is dog, cat, kid, and car friendly, potty and crate trained and loves to have her belly rubbed by her foster mom. "She is one big smush" says her NJ foster mom. "And she helps calm the Dalmatian". She also gets along great with the special needs children. Up to date on all her shots, spayed and fully vetted, Tori is ready to make you the center of her world. If you are interested in meeting and potentially adopting mellow Tori, please fill out an adoption application below. Tori would make a great addition to any home!!


(Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix)

Adult • Female • Medium

Peace4Paws saved 6 year old Claire (an elegant, lean 60 lb Treeing Walker Coonhound) from a Kentucky kill shelter just moments before she was about to be euthanized.  She has been fostered here in New Jersey since June 2017.  She is very sweet and protective of her foster home.  She bonds very well to her female foster mom and she did very well with her temporary foster dad.  She is not crazy about male dogs. She is not good with young kids. But she gets along with submissive female dogs. She would be great as an only dog or with a submissive female.  She is totally housebroken.  She is crate trained and actually really likes her crate which is kept open during the day. She loves to sniff everything.  She loves sunning herself in the backyard.  She is a happy girl.  She is up to date on all her shots and is spayed.  To adopt dear Claire (aka Clarisse) please click below.


(Terrier Mix)

Adult • Female • Medium

This tiny little 22 pound, 3 year old terrier girl was found in the street scarred, scared and in dire need of food, medical care and love. One of our volunteers Sam took her into his arms and heart and is fostering her until her forever family comes. She is currently up to date on her vaccinations and will be spayed before adoption. To adopt Ruby please click below.

Here is Sam’s story about this little girl:

When I saw this small dog on the street I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was all skin and bones with a thick collar and dragging a leash. Her nose was to the ground sniffing for traces of food, she was desperate and hungry.

I pulled over as soon as I could and lost sight of her but after searching for a few minutes she came back toward the street and to where I was where she allowed me to pick her and caress her head and tell her she was going to be better off than before. This entire time she was wagging her tail and seemed happy but I know deep down in her she was starving and hungry for affection.

I got her in my car and drove off. She was in the passenger seat but quickly came over to my lap and started giving me kisses and more wags of her tail. She settled in some and started to look out the window. She seemed to know she was in good hands as she never stopped wagging her tail even though I knew she was so hungry she could probably eat a shoe but she seemed to put her trust in me. At this point I realized I had to do all that I could to make her life going forward to be pampered with all the food she could eat and a warm bed at night with someone close to her to let her know she would be safe from now on.

Once I got her home and took a closer look I realized how terribly bad she had been treated. Her ribs were all showing and could easily be counted, her tailbone and spine clearly visible and scar on her snout from her mouth being tied shut so she couldn't bark or fight. My thoughts and vision of what she went through angered me beyond control. And more so because she is small only weighing 22 lbs. and when she completely heals won't weigh more than 40 lbs. To abuse such a small, innocent dog is criminal but these individuals have no care or conscience. These scum are probably looking for another dog to replace this one they lost and my thoughts are tormented by what is going to happen to this next dog. But this little girl will get the best care and the best forever home, as she deserves, as all the animals that have been abused do not deserve this inhumane treatment. It should not be this easy to get a dog. It should be extremely difficult to find an animal. The more difficult, maybe the less opportunity to abuse. 

This little girl is nothing but sweet. She doesn't bark and maybe that is due to her abuse, she doesn't complain but follows me and is so appreciative. She eats all that I give her and with her sad eyes tells me thanks. 

I can only imagine what she went through but no more. She managed to survive and now her life will be as wonderful as possible.


(Swiss Shepherd / Terrier Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Jenny Update.  Jenny seems to be much younger than two years old as previously suggested by the shelter.  So a more accurate age then for sweet Jenny is 1 to 1.5 years old. She is slim with beautiful immaculate white teeth and shiny fur. She is highly energetic but when she slows down she curls up like a baby in bed or in your lap.  Jenny is also so receptive to training.  All of these characteristics combined, definitely are the mark of a young dog. We did send in her DNA for testing and will hear back soon. So, young old Jenny is a loyal girl that needs someone to take care of her back.  We think she would be great with a home with a doggy door to the fenced in backyard.  We think she would do well with either an active single person who works at home or comes home a lot, an active couple, a single parent and a teen, or family with boys middle school age and up. She would be great on a farm.  She loves the middle school age boys and teens.  They really understand how she plays and loves her energy and spirit. Jenny is extremely attentive, affectionate and full of energy that must have an outlet. She has lots of bones and toys.  She loves all kinds of bones and rawhide. She is great with her toys.  If she doesn’t have anyone to throw them she just throws them herself.  She plays tug herself.  She rips up toys as fast as she can, but leaves some remains of toys around if they are among her more favorite toys. She is puppy like in these ways.  Additionally, she finds big sticks in the yard and wrestles with them by herself.  If she is by a flight of stairs, she drops toys down the stairs and runs after them.  She is quite clever and interesting to watch. But she would rather be with her forever family! She desperately wants someone to love and call her own. And she is a little frustrated about it. She was surrendered in shelter in February of 2018! That is a long time to wait for someone to make a commitment to her.  She came up here to Bergen County, New Jersey from the South in late March to be directly adopted by a couple in their early 60’s. They returned her in a week because she was too active for them. And they did not have the patience to work with her on leash walking skills. She has had many private training lessons and is quite disciplined on the leash with an experienced walker. Her trainer says that not only is she very smart but she is exceptionally faithful and committed to pleasing. Her trainer, Jerome, is so impressed with how fast she learns and what he has observed as incredible grace and athleticism.  He says she could be a professional level agility dog.  And if not professional, if she was in a household that wanted to work with her with agility, she would be a star.  She would be so proud to please you too with her talents.  Right now since she is not in her forever home, she is more nervous than she wants to be, but when she is in a quiet secure environment feeling love or even in her crate she is calm. 

​She is foster now but can’t quite get the kind of family structure she needs.  She is separated from the other dogs in the household because she does not get along with the often ornery, 13 year old male beagle.  She was fine with the two female dogs.  So she would be the “alpha” dog in your family, and may even be best as the only dog. She has a high prey drive.  She would certainly run out all the rodents on a farm.  We are wondering if her DNA will say she is part Australian Cattle Dog or some other working dog breed.  She loves the outdoors but also loves couches, beds, the floor and her crate. She is fully potty trained, spayed, and up to date on all her shots.

Meet Jenny! When authors write books with dogs in them, we think they are writing about Jenny. This gorgeous girl is your stereotypical dog: she likes fetch, laying by the fire, chewing on her bone, being brushed, and giving kisses. She also loves water, getting brushed, and being pampered like the princess she is. But don't let Jenny's gorgeous looks fool you, she is not afraid to rough house and horse play with other dogs and people. 

Jenny was found in a high kill shelter in Memphis after being there four weeks. She was put on the euthanasia list because she was going kennel crazy, but because she was at the shelter during the rainiest month in Memphis history, she never got to go outside and run and play. So she sat in a small kennel for 24 hours a day, for 4 straight weeks. But on the first sunny day in March one of our volunteers went and let her outside and let her play, and Jenny proved she was worth saving! 

Jenny is about 2 years old and 40 pounds. She has the softest fur that is a unique red color. Because of her hilarious ears and beautiful fur, we think she is a shepherd/hound mix. But she isn't a typical hound because her foster mom says she never barks or howls! Jenny is house broken and crate trained though, and will go to the door to whine when she needs to go outside. She also is good on a leash, and loves checking out other dogs while on her walks. 

Jenny is spayed, up to date on her shots, heartworm negative, and healthy. She is everything most people want in a dog; she is loving, playful, happy, and content to be by herself chewing on her toys and bones if necessary. She has been around multiple cats and ignored them every time, so we suspect she would be fine in a home with one. She is in a foster home with numerous other dogs and has no issues with any of them. 
To adopt your new loyal best friend and family member Jenny please visit our website at to fill out an adoption application.  

Happy Jack

(Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix)

Adult • Male • Large

Come meet Happy Jack right here in Hillsdale, NJ ! Happy Jack has the most appropriate name ever because he is such an enthusiast! Happy Jack is a 3 year old yellow Labrador mix with the biggest eyes and smile. Jack is a very special dog that will fit into any active family.  He plays great with kids over 11.  He is completely house broken, crate trained, and submissive. Down South he was in a foster home with 12 other dogs and he played with all of them perfectly. Here in Hillsdale, NJ he has two dog sisters and they get along great. Jack is a high energy dog but is also very content playing with a toy in his crate, chewing a bone on the fireplace or playing outside in the sun. 

Happy Jack is a wonderful car rider who loves going on walks. He is neutered, up to date on all his shots, and a lover of water. Jack is predominantly lab and has all the amazing qualities that Labradors possess. He is loyal, friendly, obedient, and easy to train. He can sit, shake, and hug on command takes treats so gently.
To adopt please fill out an application at Any questions please call his foster Mom Judy at 201.664.5593.


(Shepherd & Basset Hound Mix)

Young • Male • Medium

Meet Ryder! Ryder is exactly how his names describes him: short and ridiculously cool. This 1 year old boy is a pure mutt- he has legs like a basset hound, fur like a shepherd, a big head like a Staffy, and the coloring of a retriever. Whatever he is, we know one thing: this boy is gorgeous! 

Ryder was found in a high kill shelter in Memphis after he was surrendered by his owner. His owner told the shelter he had to move and couldn't take Ryder with him, but thankfully we saw this amazing dog only 4 days after he entered the shelter, so he didn't spend that much time there! He is now in a foster home with another really large dog and doing so well, we know it wont be long until another family spots this boy and snatches him up!

Ryder is 40 pounds, house broken, crate trained, and a huge fan of the doggie door. He has also proven himself to be very smart, and taught himself how to use the door within 2 hours! He also learned to sit in one day, and how to get down when directed. Ryder is decent on a leash, but gets excited on walks, so he will need some practice. He is neutered, up to date on his shots, and heart worm positive. He takes treats gently from his foster mother's hands and plays so well with the kids in the house.
Ryder would make the perfect pet for any type of family. If your family has room for this amazing, sweet, and gentle shortie, please apply below.