Hass & Leyla


Bonded Seniors • Male • Large


Super sweet mellow bonded senior Huskies – abandoned – family had to move and could not take them with them. Hass (male) and Leyla (female), age 11 and 8. In excellent health. Extremely bonded. Male is 72 pounds, Female is 60 pounds. We have all the medical records. They are up to date on their vaccinations and medications. Hass had surgery three years ago for bilateral tendon replacement in hind legs. Both are spayed/neutered. They are great with kids age five and up if not all ages. Great with other dogs. Not good with cats, the male had to save the female from a street cat that attacked her once. They enjoy grooming. They are very crate trained, they spent a lot of time free roaming in the house as well as in the crate and in the yard. They do enjoy walks, are leash trained, and are great in the car. Leyla fears fireworks and thunderstorms, and seeks her brother for comfort and that always helps. They love to play fetch. The family was renting, but the owner lost the house, and as renters they were forced to leave. They found a place but it didn’t include dogs. Now sweet Hass and Leyla need a family who will commit to them as they committed to their owners. They are very loving. And very mellow. Consider adopting them together--they are bonded and two dogs is not much more of a commitment than one. Please respond right away so they can avoid going into a shelter. Please fill out an application below to foster or adopt.​

Adoptable Dogs


We have lots of dogs available for foster or adoption.  Please contact us and we will send you a list of these dogs. 

Below are the dogs we currently have in foster here in New Jersey right now.



Adult • Male • Medium

3 year old, 50 pound Hunter is a super friendly husky!  He gets along great with people and other dogs.  He is up to date on his vacinations and neutered.  He is quite fluffy so he loves being petted and hugged.  Hunter would really like to move in with you forever.  To apply to adopt Hunter please click below to fill out an adoption application.


(Mountain Cur & Beagle)

Young • Female • Medium

Introducing Shiloh! This beautiful little 1 year old, 34 pound Mountain Cur – Beagle mix girl has the softest brindle and white fur that begs to be petted. Shiloh was found in rural Mississippi where she was observed calmly and innocently approaching people who simply ignored her and walked by. Watching this injustice, a good Samaritan finally scooped her up and took her to the vet, hoping for a microchip since Shiloh was so sweet, well mannered, and loving. Unfortunately she was not chipped, and she was abandoned at the vet, with no home to go to. Shiloh had been boarded at the vet for the past two months, but once Peace4Paws heard of her sad story we knew we had to break her out! 

Shiloh has been around other dogs and did great! She has been around the "clinic" cats and sniffed them and walked off. She wasn't impressed with the felines at all! She was not aggressive in any way to them. She was great with the other dogs at the clinic. She would be let out three times a day, and would play with other dogs on many occasions. She has been around children school age and up and was a perfect angel, allowing them to pull her ears, tail and pet her roughly. She didn't mind at all, she was just grateful for their attention and time. So, we do think that this gentle girl is good with kids. Shiloh is crate trained, will run to her kennel on command and keeps her kennel clean. She also knows how to sit on command and picks up on commands impressively fast. She is very eager to please and will do great with some basic doggy training. Shiloh is appropriately active. She is calm and chill most of the time, but when it is playtime she will also engage in doggy shenanigans. Shiloh is quiet and pretty mellow. She is adaptable and would do great in a home with a family, with a couple, or a single person looking for their best friend. 

Shiloh is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on preventative, on Bravecto for flea/tick prevention, spayed and ready for a home of her own. To apply for this super friendly, affectionate and easy to live with girl, please click below to fill out an adoption application. Thank you. ​


(Pointer / Hound Mix)

Young • Female • Small

8 month old, 32 pound, pointer/hound mix puppy Maggie is starved for both food and attention! She is very affectionate and receptive to any and all attention. She responds very well to structure and training. She really enjoys direction. She loves having a strong handler on her walks. She is currently being boarded and has volunteers visiting her throughout the day. She definitely deserves a loving home. She wants to be your one and only dog! She has played well with other dogs but when challenged by another dog she responds in kind. Thus, based on our observation we recommend that she be an only dog. Maggie was picked up as a stray in Kentucky and put in a kill shelter. She was alone, hungry and scared. Due to her history she guards her food from other dogs, but does allow people to take food, treats, acorns (from the walks) and toys out of her mouth. She takes treats delicately, despite being about 10 pounds underweight. She loves car rides. She has been fine around bikes and skateboards. We recommend that she be in a home with older kids, no other dogs and a fenced in backyard because she has a lot of energy. She would be a great jogging partner. Interestingly, on her walks she has shown a lot of interest in pickup trucks and men. She is great with women, but seems to really be looking for a male in her life as well. Her fur is very soft to the touch and she loves to jump in your lap, lick, and cuddle. She certainly can be taught not to jump, but that would simply take proper training and patience. For now, she needs love and closeness. She is up to date on all her shots and spayed. To apply to adopt Maggie please click below to fill out an application.


(Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix)

Adult • Female • Medium

Clarisse is what we now call 6 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound because she is just so graceful and elegant!  When you reach for the leash Clarisse extends her neck and lifts her head high, almost regally.  She loves to go for the walk! She almost trots.  She is one happy and appreciative girl! Less than one year ago Clarisse was hit by a car and dumped in a shelter emotionally and physically in pain.  But, with the support of The Way Home Rescue of Kentucky, Clarisse’s situation was brought to the attention of Peace4Paws who immediately rescued her!! She was completely vetted in Kentucky and then when she -arrived in NJ and started to adjust to her new environment - she went to Oradell Animal Hospital to receive FHO surgery from a top orthopedic vet Dr. Miller.  She is doing so well. Thanks to that and her indomitable spirit she runs and leaps and gallops and simply loves to be alive.  She is a pleasure to be around. She does seem to warm up to females quicker than males. She gets along great with other dogs. She enjoys cars. She knows how to use a doggy door and is crate trained. She is housebroken. She is in great health, up to date on all her vaccinations, spayed and ready to settle into her loving forever home. She has had a few litters of puppies, so she is happy to just be all about Clarisse! She still has some fear issues so we recommend experienced dog handlers.  She gets over her fears pretty fast.  She is usually quite confidant! We think she would be best with a family who has children over 11 and a fenced in backyard.  She is very protective of the home and super affectionate too.  To apply to adopt Clarisse please click below to fill out an adoption application.


Yes we do allow our fosters to adopt.