Hass & Leyla


Bonded Seniors • Male • Large


Super sweet mellow bonded senior Huskies – abandoned – family had to move and could not take them with them. Hass (male) and Leyla (female), age 11 and 8. In excellent health. Extremely bonded. Male is 72 pounds, Female is 60 pounds. We have all the medical records. They are up to date on their vaccinations and medications. Hass had surgery three years ago for bilateral tendon replacement in hind legs. Both are spayed/neutered. They are great with kids age five and up if not all ages. Great with other dogs. Not good with cats, the male had to save the female from a street cat that attacked her once. They enjoy grooming. They are very crate trained, they spent a lot of time free roaming in the house as well as in the crate and in the yard. They do enjoy walks, are leash trained, and are great in the car. Leyla fears fireworks and thunderstorms, and seeks her brother for comfort and that always helps. They love to play fetch. The family was renting, but the owner lost the house, and as renters they were forced to leave. They found a place but it didn’t include dogs. Now sweet Hass and Leyla need a family who will commit to them as they committed to their owners. They are very loving. And very mellow. Consider adopting them together--they are bonded and two dogs is not much more of a commitment than one. Please respond right away so they can avoid going into a shelter. Please fill out an application below to foster or adopt.​


(Dutch Sheperd)

Adult • Male • Medium

Meet Corey! This Dutch Shepherd is a 50 pound ball of love and energy. Corey was saved from a high kill shelter on the day he was to be put down. He was the volunteers' favorite at the shelter because he is so dog friendly, people friendly, and happy. Once we heard about this special and adorable dog, we knew we had to save him. Corey is currently in a foster home where he is thriving. He is crate trained and house broken, and knows to get in his crate at bed time. Corey is so smart he knows how to sit, shake, lay, get down, and heal. And he learned those commands with such basic training! With more one on one work Corey will be a top notch dog. Corey is very active and will require an active family. He loves other animals (including cats!) and can play with them all day. A house with a yard would be preferred for Corey, but a family who loves to run daily would work as well. This gorgeous shepherd boy loves attention, and it is evident he was without any personal contact for a long time. He looks his people directly in the eye, follows their lead, and does exactly what is expected of him. He will do anything to make his owners happy. Corey is currently going through heartworm treatment but will be healthy (and in no way contagious) at the end of December. After a long time on the streets and an even longer time in a concrete shelter, this boy deserves a fantastic forever home. If you think you have the home for Corey, please click below. 


(Labrador Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Meet 5 month old, 38 pound puppy Reba.  She is a loving, cuddly, sweet puppy!  She is very shy at first meeting new people, but once she knows them she is very affectionate.  She is from the country, so she needs time to acclimate to a suburban environment.  She grew up with her four siblings her entire life.  Her mom was a stray dog, saved from the street by a compassionate family in Northern Mississippi.  Sadly, her beautiful Labrador mom died in puppy birth along with the puppy that was stuck inside her womb.  Reba’s four siblings were bottle fed by this kind family and their kids.  Her earliest days were with her siblings and cats.  She gets along with cats. She had a short term foster in Mississippi with her brother and sixteen other dogs and she was very happy.   Her brother Monte was adopted a couple in Verona, NJ.  He is doing great.  He is a very confidant dog in general.  Reba is less confidant.  In her initial adoption placement she found herself separated from her siblings and all other household pets.  This may have contributed to her crying when left alone.  Puppies do tend to cry when you leave them, but they typically get over that as well.  Her first family said she had separation anxiety, but, since she is just a puppy, she would need time to develop confidence that she won’t be left forever, be abandoned and that she is safe.  She enjoyed the children of the household but the mother was not happy that Reba would jump on them.  A friendly, playful, normal, untrained puppy will jump on those they love.  She did not receive training for basic commands in her first placement.  She also did not get the opportunity to acclimate to walking in suburbia, due to the shortness of her stay with her adoptive family.  We will adopt her to a family that has a fenced in backyard (as she is still shy about walking in suburbia), who can spend time with her at home such as a family that works at home/stay at home mom/ someone works part time and will spend the time and money necessary to provide her with private training lessons to help her learn the basic commands.  Experienced handlers, people with pets and/or pets and kids will be favored in applications.  A family that will allow her the time to acclimate and won’t be shocked if she urinates when she meets the cat for the first time or new people are essential. The dog will have less separation anxiety when there is another pet around for sure. They will learn commands and confidence when it is modeled by another dog as well.  She is super sweet and just needs that special family! To apply, please fill out an adoption application below .  Thank you!  ​

Adoptable Dogs


(Labrador Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Maddie is an exceptional 5-6 month old lab puppy that has been blossoming in a foster home since she was only 10 weeks old. She was found walking alongside a country road by herself when she was spotted by a good Samaritan. During her time in her foster home she has become crate trained, house broken, and a huge love bug. Maddie knows how to sit for food, she doesn't jump up on people or jump on furniture, but she does love to jump in the kiddie pool. Maddie is lab through and through, and we think she's as close to pure bred as you can get with a street dog. She loves to play fetch, swim, and is incredibly obedient. She knows how to sit, how to scratch at the door to go outside, and how to walk beside you without a leash. With some one on one training Maddie is going to be a perfect companion. Maddie is spayed, up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative, and very healthy. She loves kids, tolerates cats and loves being outside exploring and following her nose. She does not have an aggressive bone in her body and gets along with all other animals. Maddie is an exceptional dog who will make any family whole. ​


(German Shepherd)

Young • Female • Large

Meet Aspen! This 4 and a half month puppy is incredibly special. Not only is she a pure bred all white German shepherd, she also has 6 toes on both her back paws! Aspen was bred by an illegal breeder, who once discovered she was 'different,' disposed of her along side a county road, to fend for herself, at only 3 months old. She was seen by a sheriff's deputy who mistakenly thought she was a threat, and used a dart gun to knock her out. He then put her in the back of his truck and threw her in the county jail (yes, the actual jail) where she only received scraps of food and water on rare occasions. We heard about this puppy and immediately sprang into action. We took her from the jail, took her to a vet so she could get medicine for her back wound (which is almost completely healed!) and put her in an amazing foster home. 

In her foster home, Aspen's personality has bloomed. She is scared of everybody when she meets them initially. Who can blame her after the life she has had? After 4 hours in her foster home she was cuddling with her foster mom and dad, and showed no sign of fear. That means she needs a home where her new family is incredibly patient, and understands her background. Aspen is a pure bred German Shepherd, so she will need a family that knows the breed very well, and will hire a trainer to help them. Aspen also requires a fenced in yard because she likes to roam and protect her territory, and she would do best in a home with kids over 10 years of age. 

Aspen is an incredibly special, lovable, precious little puppy who is expected to hit 100 lbs when fully grown. She has had a very hard start to life and she is going to need the perfect family to grow up with. Aspen is spayed, vetted, healthy, and ready to start her new life. If you think your family is the right fit for Aspen, click below to apply.


We have lots of dogs available for foster or adoption.  Please contact us and we will send you a list of these dogs. 

Below are the dogs we currently have in foster here in New Jersey right now.


(Pit Bull Terrier)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet sweet Lola, 1 year old and only 33 pounds. Lola is a great gal! Not only does she have some amazing ears to catch your attention, but her blondish cream coloring is quite unique and beautiful. Lola is as friendly, lovable and sweet as can be. She is GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS, and wants nothing more than to find a happy loving home! She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. To adopt Lola please fill out an application below.​


(Boxer & Pit Bull Terrier)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet the one and only Mable! This adorable one-year-old boxer-pit mix lives each day with such incredible joy and happiness. We heard about this beauty after she was posted on the urgent list at a kill shelter. We knew Mable was special so we went and pulled her and she has been so grateful ever since. 

Mable has the shiniest and softest fur, which she loves having washed and brushed. She also gives the best kisses and is not afraid to give them out to anyone around. This 45 pound little girl is an exceptional car rider who enjoys going anywhere and everywhere. She's also leash trained, crate trained, and house broken! Mable was cat tested at the vet and did very well. She showed absolutely no interest in them at all. She also does well around dogs, but gets frightened when there are too many around her, or too much chaos. We think that's due to all the time she spent in the noisy shelter, so who can blame her. Mable is spayed, up to date on her shots, and microchipped. She is ready for her new home and excited to find her forever family! If you'd like to adopt her, please click below to fill out an application.​


(Lab Hound Mix)

Young • Male • Small

Gumbo, lab-hound mix, is a sweet approximately 16 week old puppy.  He will grow to about 50 pounds or so. Gumbo is very shy at first but he loves other dogs.  He would best be adopted to a house with another dog in it.  He is very submissive to other dogs.  He may have lived as a stray for a few weeks.  He was running around in the countryside. Traps were laid out for him to find him and feed him.  He was very grateful.  Thus, he will need a fenced in backyard.  Training on a leash may take a little time, but since he is so young he will learn.  We are looking for people who have experience with puppies or are committed to training.  Puppies will be mouthy and therefore grab at hands or arms with their mouths, chew things and jump.  So these are some of the things plus housetraining to consider when thinking about adopting a puppy. To apply please fill out an adoption application below.  Thank you!


(Boxer Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet Harli! This year old boxer mix is much more than eye candy; she's an incredibly sweet girl. Harli was found as an 8-month-old puppy with an embedded collar nearly choking her to death. Her owner claimed to have forgotten about her as he left her outside chained to a tree since she was 3 months old. Thankfully neighbors fed Harli and eventually called us to save her. Not only did this young and beautiful pup have an embedded collar, she also had hemorrhages in both her ears, caused by head trauma. We think her previous owner hit her and did nothing to help the ears heal, so they'll forever be slightly damaged. However, Harli can hear fine, she loves having her neck and ears scratched, and she's so happy you'd never know she had a traumatic upbringing. Harli is a very special girl who'll do great in any home. She is so happy, loves everyone she's ever met, gives the best hugs, and loves children of all sizes. Harli is so great she even adores cats and dogs of all sizes. She is also exceptional on a leash, completely crate trained and house broken, and loves car rides. Considering her rough upbringing Harli is a pretty spectacular dog. This gorgeous boxer mix is only 35 pounds, and she's not getting any bigger. She's spayed, up to date on shots, and incredibly healthy. She's doing spectacular in her foster home but she deserves to find her forever home. If you think your family is perfect for Harli please apply below.


(German Shepherd Dog & Beagle)

Young • Male • Medium

Meet Houston! This 6-month-old German Shepherd/beagle mix is the best of both worlds. He has the fur, intelligence, and playfulness of a GSD, but his ears and gentle nature are closer to that of a beagle. Instead of being 90-100 lbs. like most GSDs, Houston will be closer to 40-50 when fully grown. This precious boy is as sweet as they come. He loves all dogs, adores children, and has a happy disposition. He is getting neutered soon and will be ready for his forever home in December. I wouldn't wait though; if you're interested in adopting (or fostering as he's currently living outside in a pen) Houston, please apply below. 


(Pit Bull Terrier)

Young • Male • Medium

Meet Mason! 

If this 18 month old pittie mix was a female he would have been named Joy, because he is that happy and joyous. We believe Mason was adopted as a puppy from a local shelter then abandoned not long after. When we found him he was only 30 pounds, full of worms and mange, and a mere skeleton of the handsome boy he is now. Our amazing vet took him in, treated all his ailments, and now Mason is ready for a family of his own. 

Mason is a healthy 45 pounds now, and is not getting any bigger. He enjoys being held like a little dog, and thinks any lap is the perfect lab for him to cuddle on. Mason is a fun loving, playful guy. He is outgoing and sweet. He loves everyone he meets! Mason is happy, happy, happy!! Mason would be great in a family with other dogs or with kids to play with or both! He is crate trained, goes in it on command, and doesn't make a mess in his kennel, ever. He is eager to please and would enjoy puppy school. He is super smart and we bet Mason would graduate with honors! Mason would love someone to go on adventures with, such as trips to the doggy park or walks around the neighborhood. Mason is a great dog who deserves a family of his own.

He is neutered, up to date on shots, and finishing heartworm treatment. Mason would do exceptional with any family, in any situation. If this beautiful brindle boy is a perfect fit for your home please fill out an application below. 


(Pit Bull Terrier Lab)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet Holly, 1.5 year old, 58 pounds a super sweet pit – Labrador mix female.  Her foster Dad says she could be a support dog, because she is so mellow, patient and intuitive.  So hard to believe that she was one day from being euthanized because she is just such an angel.  We are so glad we saved her in time. She will make a great companion dog to some lucky person soon!! An example of Holly’s patience would be how she was observed on the walks giving the puppy time to sniff, and then when the puppy was ready, she would proceed.  She would allow the puppy to jump all over her too and play with her safely, happily and gently.  She loves people too.  She is so friendly, but doesn’t jump. She knows her basic commands and is housebroken.  She is a cuddler too.  She would be great for any family, including one that wants a dog who could both protect them and simply be mellow around them.  She is very muscular and very shiny.  She walks gracefully.  She is like a gentle giant and an old soul all in one!! She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. To adopt Holly please fill out an adoption application below.​


(Jack Russell Terrier & Terrier Mix)

Puppy • Female • Small

Meet Noel! This 10 week old Jack Russell/Terrier mix is as spunky as they come! Although she is only 8 pounds, she is full of life and excitement. Noel loves other dogs and is not afraid to play with dogs that are 10 times her size! She is such a happy, playful puppy that has so much fun with life. Noel was found with her sister in the country running around looking for food. Noel graciously ran into her foster's arms while her sister ran away, scared. We are actively trying to save her sister, but in the mean time Noel is in a foster home, doing exceptionally well. She is crate trained, and sleeps through the night, which is a huge accomplishment for a puppy so young. Noel loves being held, and cuddled, and sleeping on her person's lap, but she is also very playful and enjoys running around with toys in her mouth and playing with other dogs. Noel is a typical puppy in the fact she is not housebroken, and probably wont be until she is about 3 months of age. She does know to use a puppy pad, and she has never gone in her crate. She is also a puppy in regards to her jumping up and her high energy level. But as she gets older she will naturally calm down and learn basic commands. Noel will not be a big dog when she is fully grown. Our vet thinks she will probably be 25-30 pounds, if that. Noel would make a perfect family dog, or a companion for another dog. If you think this little puppy is a perfect fit for your family, please apply below. 


(Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix)

Adult • Female • Medium

Peace4Paws saved 6 year old Claire (an elegant, lean 60 lb Treeing Walker Coonhound) from a Kentucky kill shelter just moments before she was about to be euthanized.  She has been fostered here in New Jersey since June 2017.  She is very sweet and protective of her foster home.  She bonds very well to her female foster mom and she did very well with her temporary foster dad.  She is not crazy about male dogs. She is not good with young kids. But she gets along with submissive female dogs. She would be great as an only dog or with a submissive female.  She is totally housebroken.  She is crate trained and actually really likes her crate which is kept open during the day. She loves to sniff everything.  She loves sunning herself in the backyard.  She is a happy girl.  She is up to date on all her shots and is spayed.  To adopt dear Claire (aka Clarisse) please click below


Yes we do allow our fosters to adopt.


(Labrador Retriever Mix)

Young • Male • Medium

Meet Lincoln! This 1 year old Labrador mix is not only adorable, but he has an amazing personality as well. Lincoln was pulled from a kill shelter where he was down to his last day, after being looked over for 5 weeks. We are glad we didn't ignore him and instead saved him, because he has been grateful and so loving, ever since. Lincoln is not terribly big, as he only weighs about 40 pounds. He is all legs, like a puppy, which he is! Although he is only 1, Lincoln has all the mannerisms of a puppy half his age. He tilts his head at strange noises, he throws his paws out to shake for no reason, loves carrying around toys in his mouth (but doesn't destroy them!) and is so gentle and sweet with other dogs and cats. Lincoln is in a foster home with 6 other fosters, including a 5 lb chihuahua, and he lets her chew his ears, jump on his back, and abuse him however she wants - he doesn't care! He does the same thing with dogs bigger than him, and the cats he played with at the vet. Lincoln also adores children. He can play fetch for an hour, then go lounge on the couch and relax for hours. 
He is completely crate trained, and so good on a leash. 

He loves going on walks and hikes, and thinks the dog park is doggie heaven. If you think this gorgeous and sweet boy is the perfect fit for your family, please apply at peace4paws.org . This boy is special, and he is going to make the perfect family pet one day.​