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(Pocket Pit)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet Ivy! Precious puppy alert! Ivy is an 10-12 month old puppy that has the best attitude and spirit you could ask for. She greets every day with a huge puppy smile and a very waggily butt. Ivy is in a foster home with a small dog and a large labrador, and a kid and she loves to play with each of them as much as she can!

We found Ivy in a high kill shelter in the South. She had severe demodex mange (not contagious and caused by stress!) that caused all her fur to fall out. Although she looked funny we saw what an amazing puppy she was, so we saved her and brought her to an incredible foster home. While at the foster home Ivy has become house broken, crate trained, and has learned commands! She is getting her hair back, and its coming in so soft and copper. She is going to be a gorgeous puppy in a few weeks! 

Ivy is spayed, up to date on her shots, and ready to go to her forever home. Ivy loves the car, enjoys going on walks, and thinks tug of war is the best game ever. She takes treats gently from people's hands, sits on command, and makes everyone around her happier just by being around. Ivy will be ready to be adopted February 9th. This is an incredibly special dog that deserves an amazing home.
If you think you have the family for Ivy, please apply below.


(Labrador Retriever Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet Pixie! This 30 pound 18 month old lab mix is a tiny ball of love and energy. Pixie is a precious little girl who loves love and can play in a back yard or dog park for hours. Although she isn't a typical young puppy, she sure acts like one! She loves frolicking outside, and laying with her person and getting belly rubs. She's so adorable and her favorite thing to do is scootch on her belly like a snake and try to chase people's shoe strings and the bottom of their pants! 

Pixie is a doll and has all the amazing qualities of a lab. She's obedient, smart, and so playful. She's kennel trained but has lived at a vet for the past couple months ago will need a few days of training to remember what it's like to be a house dog. Pixie was saved from the shelter days before she was to be put down. She was put at the vet because she was heart worm positive but she's been cured, spayed, and is perfectly healthy. She's ready to live a life where she has access to a yard or park and a couch to relax on.
If you're interested in adopting Pixie please click below.


(Shepherd & Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Young • Male • Medium

Cayden is a sweet, friendly, shepherd/pit mix. He is around 1.5 years old and weighs 48lbs. He is completely vetted and heartworm negative. Cayden is very playful and does great with kids. He would do best in a home with submissive dogs or no dogs. He does not like cats! Cayden was found as a stray in an apartment complex in memphis, tn. He was running nearby the street until this little boy caught him. He was named after the little boy who found him. Please give Cayden the home he is desperately looking for. He is up to date on his vaccinations and neutered. To adopt Cayden please click below.

This dog just got adopted! 


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We have lots of dogs available for foster or adoption.  Please contact us and we will send you a list of these dogs. 

Below are the dogs we currently have in foster here in New Jersey right now.


(Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix)

Adult • Male • Medium

Hi! I'm Darby! My foster daddy says I am the most loyal dog he's ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love people and will follow my humans to the ends of the earth. I am such a loyal boy that when I go on walks with my foster daddy I don't even use a leash! I am 55 pounds of nothing but love, loyalty, and cuddles. I would snuggle with my people all day on the couch or bed if I could! But I also like going outside and playing fetch and romping around with my foster brothers.

My foster mom said I'm the perfect boyfriend, whatever that means. She said that its rare to find such a good looking hunk of a dog like me that loves the park but also loves to just Netflix and chill. I don't know what Netflix is but I sure do love laying on the couch with my mom watching the big colorful box in the middle of the room. I live with three other brothers right now, and as much as I love them, I love my foster parents so much more. But you know what I don't love? Cats! My foster family has a cat and all I like to do is bark at it, because I don't really know what it is and why its in my house!

My foster daddy says I'm crate trained, house broken, wonderful on a leash, and I know how to sit and stay! I am neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all my shots. I just finished heartworm treatment so I am a healthy 2 year old boy and I feel so much better with those nasty worms gone! I love my foster family so much but they keep talking about how wonderful my new family is going to be and I am so excited to meet them!
If you want to make me a part of your awesome family, please apply click below.

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(Labrador Retriever & Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Young • Male • Medium

Meet Turner! This 18 month old Labrador/pit mix is truly a one of a kind, special boy. We found him living in an outdoor shelter, in below freezing temperatures. He had been there for a month, with little water, barely any food, and no shelter. We heard about his suffering and sent our volunteer down there to save him immediately! We don't know who was happier, our volunteer or Turner. Turner started wagging his tail, even though he was malnourished and weak, and hasn't stopped wagging it since.

Turner is such a sweet, gentle soul, even though he's close to 50 pounds. When we brought him to the vet he greeted everyone there with kisses and hugs! He spent a week at the vet getting healthy, neutered, and vetted, and he has proven himself to be crate trained, great on a leash, and he knows how to sit! We really think this boy was somebody's beloved pet at one time, but he was probably abandoned like so many dogs are. He is gentle with children and great with other dogs of all sizes. Turner is quite the character!

Turner is neutered, up to date on all his shots, heartworm negative, crate trained, and house broken. Turner is currently in New Jersey and ready to meet and greets! This big boy is a lovable goof that would fit into any family that would give him attention and love.
If you are interested in this big handsome fella please click below.


(Labrador Retriever & Shepherd Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet Luna! Luna is a 11-12 month old Labrador/shepherd mix that was found with her three brothers, Cache, Ruppie, and Roger in the country. All four of these babies were skin and bones, and had obviously lived together, fending for themselves, for a long time. We heard about them, helped save them, and put all four of them into foster homes. Luna is in a foster home with another dog and she is doing marvelously!

This 50 pound beautiful girl has such a wonderful personality and attitude, despite her rough start to life. She loves all dogs, and spends most of her day relaxing on the big dog bed her foster mom bought for her. We think she had to be someone's dog at some point because Luna is house broken, crate trained, she knows how to sit, and she isn't destructive. She loves all toys but will happily prance around the house with them in her mouth instead of destroying them. Its obvious Luna is so relieved to be off the streets that everything makes her happy and she appreciates everyone around her.

Luna loves dogs and is incredibly submissive. She is timid around loud noises and still flinches when a hand is raised to her. Because she spent some time on the streets she needs some basic training, as she is not accustomed to the leash at all. Luna is very smart and learns quickly, and would make a perfect family dog for a family with kids and other dogs. She is spayed, heart worm negative, and up to date on her shots. She is more than ready for her forever family to find her and give her the home and love she deserves. If you are the family for her, please apply below.


(Labrador Retriever & Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Adult • Male • Medium

Young Lab-pit mix Brewster was found scared and alone as a pup in the woods behind his family’s house. They took the pup in and had a great time together – mom, dad, and three kids ages 3 to 13, the cat, the other dog and Brewster – one big family. 

Six months later he was dumped because he chewed on the kids toys said the mom. Too bad they couldn’t buy him the toys he needed!!!! It’ so mean that they think it is no big deal to just throw him out!!! He was living in a poor neighborhood, so affordability may have been a root issue. Very common with owner surrenders actually. 

Regardless, kind-hearted Brewster really needs a loving home and fast. He is great with kids, other dogs and cats. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots.
To adopt this playful, 50 pound, one year old boy please fill out an adoption application below.


(Golden Retriever & Shepherd Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Meet Olive! This 18 month old golden/shepherd mix is not only beautiful, she's also smart! Olive is puppy through and through and loves to spend hours in the yard chasing leaves, chasing other dogs, and playing fetch. We definitely think Olive would need a family with a back yard or a dog park near by because she is a social butterfly who likes to play!

Olive gets along with all people, of all sizes. She would do wonderfully with a family full of children, or a single person looking for a best friend. Olive does not like being dominated though, and would not work in a home with a dominant or alpha dog. But she has never met a stranger!

Olive is micro-chipped, spayed, healthy, and up to date on all her shots. She is currently living at a vet's office, where she was owner surrendered before Thanksgiving. She only gets a few hours outside of her kennel all day, so its time she found her way into a loving home!
If you want to adopt Olive please click below.

This dog just got adopted!


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Yes we do allow our fosters to adopt.


(Terrier Mix)

Adult • Female • Medium

This tiny little 22 pound, 3 year old terrier girl was found in the street scarred, scared and in dire need of food, medical care and love. One of our volunteers Sam took her into his arms and heart and is fostering her until her forever family comes. She is currently up to date on her vaccinations and will be spayed before adoption. To adopt Ruby please click below.

Here is Sam’s story about this little girl:

When I saw this small dog on the street I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was all skin and bones with a thick collar and dragging a leash. Her nose was to the ground sniffing for traces of food, she was desperate and hungry.

I pulled over as soon as I could and lost sight of her but after searching for a few minutes she came back toward the street and to where I was where she allowed me to pick her and caress her head and tell her she was going to be better off than before. This entire time she was wagging her tail and seemed happy but I know deep down in her she was starving and hungry for affection.

I got her in my car and drove off. She was in the passenger seat but quickly came over to my lap and started giving me kisses and more wags of her tail. She settled in some and started to look out the window. She seemed to know she was in good hands as she never stopped wagging her tail even though I knew she was so hungry she could probably eat a shoe but she seemed to put her trust in me. At this point I realized I had to do all that I could to make her life going forward to be pampered with all the food she could eat and a warm bed at night with someone close to her to let her know she would be safe from now on.

Once I got her home and took a closer look I realized how terribly bad she had been treated. Her ribs were all showing and could easily be counted, her tailbone and spine clearly visible and scar on her snout from her mouth being tied shut so she couldn't bark or fight. My thoughts and vision of what she went through angered me beyond control. And more so because she is small only weighing 22 lbs. and when she completely heals won't weigh more than 40 lbs. To abuse such a small, innocent dog is criminal but these individuals have no care or conscience. These scum are probably looking for another dog to replace this one they lost and my thoughts are tormented by what is going to happen to this next dog. But this little girl will get the best care and the best forever home, as she deserves, as all the animals that have been abused do not deserve this inhumane treatment. It should not be this easy to get a dog. It should be extremely difficult to find an animal. The more difficult, maybe the less opportunity to abuse. 

This little girl is nothing but sweet. She doesn't bark and maybe that is due to her abuse, she doesn't complain but follows me and is so appreciative. She eats all that I give her and with her sad eyes tells me thanks. 

I can only imagine what she went through but no more. She managed to survive and now her life will be as wonderful as possible.


(Plott Hound & Boxer Mix)

Young • Female • Medium

Introducing Daisy! This Plott hound/boxer mix has a perpetually sad look on her precious face, but don't let that fool you, she is one happy girl! Daisy is a petite, 40 pound pup who is about a year old. We found her at a high kill shelter where she was literally shaking so hard, we thought she was having a seizure. We immediately rescued her from the shelter and put her into a foster home where she has developed into one amazing dog!

Daisy loves other dogs and will need a home with another dog that can show her how to act, and what to do. Daisy is incredibly submissive and doesn't have a mean or aggressive bone in her adorable body. She is crate trained, and house broken, but she learned how to be trained by following the other dogs in her foster home. She also learned how to sit by following their lead too! 

Daisy is a wonderful car rider and a great lap dog. She enjoys chewing on toys and relaxing on the couch with her foster family. She also likes exploring the yard and going on walks, and would be a perfect hiking and dog park partner. Daisy is heart worm negative, spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all of her shots. She is a happy girl that has a lot of love to give. If you have a family for Daisy, please apply below.

This dog just got adopted!


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(Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix)

Adult • Female • Medium

Peace4Paws saved 6 year old Claire (an elegant, lean 60 lb Treeing Walker Coonhound) from a Kentucky kill shelter just moments before she was about to be euthanized.  She has been fostered here in New Jersey since June 2017.  She is very sweet and protective of her foster home.  She bonds very well to her female foster mom and she did very well with her temporary foster dad.  She is not crazy about male dogs. She is not good with young kids. But she gets along with submissive female dogs. She would be great as an only dog or with a submissive female.  She is totally housebroken.  She is crate trained and actually really likes her crate which is kept open during the day. She loves to sniff everything.  She loves sunning herself in the backyard.  She is a happy girl.  She is up to date on all her shots and is spayed.  To adopt dear Claire (aka Clarisse) please click below.


(Pointer & Terrier Mix)

Young • Male • Medium

Meet Missy! This purebred mutt has one of the saddest histories we have encountered, but has grown into one of the sweetest, more docile dogs we've ever had in our rescue. Missy is right at a year old, and she was picked up by the police with her brother for being abused. Missy was a mere 17 pounds when the police found her, and her owner claimed he was trying to see how long she could go without food before dying. Missy was sadly on day 8 when she was saved. The before picture of Missy will break your heart, but she is now happy, healthy, and 35 pounds!! Missy is a lover girl. She loves everyone and every thing. She has such a wonderful demeanor and happy go lucky personality, nobody would know her terrible past. Missy's foster said she is by far the best dog she has ever fostered, and most of the time she doesn't even know she's there. Missy is house broken, and crate trained, and knows to go to the back door when she wants to go out. She also gets along with all 10 dogs in her foster home and is submissive and obedient to dogs and people alike. 

Missy is spayed, finishing her heart worm treatment, up to date on her shots, and will be ready for adoption March 16th. When she finishes her heart worm treatment she will have nothing wrong with her, heart worms aren't contagious and they don't harm the dog once treated. So Missy will essentially be a brand new dog in a couple of weeks! Missy is a low key, complacent and happy dog, that would do best in a low key, relaxed house.
If you have that home for Missy, apply below.

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