CHAMP (American Staffordshire Terrier / Bulldog / Pug / Boxer / Bulldog American)

One year old, 54 pound Champ is a love. He really loves people!  He will press up against you, put his paw on your feet, throw his head back, and gaze up at you adoringly.  He’ll sit on your lap if you let him.  He just always wants to please you.  Champ walks great on a leash, always at your side, and sits when you stop.  He was trained by bully-breed specialist Jerome Watson and still continues his training.  When you ask Champ to sit, he stops immediately and looks up at you as if to say “whatever you want, Dear.” Champ has been fully vetted, is up to date on all his shots and vaccinations and is neutered.  He is ready for a fun loving family.  He loves to be goofy.  For example, as a variation on going into his crate once jumped on top of his crate because it got him closer for a hug!  He loves to pal around with his foster sister, senior shepherd-Rottie mix “Summer.”  When he first arrived and was recently neutered, he challenged some unneutered males. So we are not sure yet how he is with other males.  We think he is best as an only dog or a dog with a senior female. We got him DNA tested and that is how we know his composition. 

MAGGIE'S PUPPIES  (Rat Terrier Mix) 

Young • 2 Female 4 Male • Small

Mother Maggie (adopted) is a Rat Terrier approximately 1-1/2-2years old and recently had a liter of 6 pups born on 5/24/17. There are 2 girls and 4 boys all living in Closter, NJ. All are healthy and happy with every day a new adventure yet lots of sleep and lots puppy play. These puppies have been socialized in terms of meeting children and adults of all ages, being exposed to a lot of different surfaces and sounds and other developmentally appropriate activities. They spend time with each other and an adult male golden retriever that lives in the house. These puppies are all up to date on their medical. More inoculations will be administered or the adopter based on recommendation of our vet as based on the age appropriateness. If you are serious about adopting one of these pups an adoption application found on this site needs to be submitted and approved to meet the pups in end of June/early July 2017. Only serious inquiries will be reviewed with a preference towards active families with a fenced in backyard living within a 40 mile radius of Westwood, NJ. Please indicate your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice on the puppies, or simply indicate male, female or either. Please remember also that we regularly get other puppies or well, so if we are not able to place one of Maggies puppies then maybe now or in the future there is another puppy waiting for you. Thank You for patience, understanding and for choosing rescue. 

Adoptable Dogs

BUDDY & BOB (Rat Terrier Mix)

Young • Male • Small

Brothers Bob & Buddy rat terrier mixes were born on 5/24/17 and are a little over 3 weeks old and will be ready to meet approved families in early July. 

Bob…… let’s state the obvious….. Bob is the only brown/black and white puppy in this healthy liter of 6. He is a happy little man and is enjoying his time with his Mom and siblings. 

Buddy is a very sweet little boy with white face and distinctive black marks around his eyes. He is kind to his siblings and his Mom. 

​Please check our Facebook Page for pics and videos. We update on Facebook very regularly.  

SOPHIE (Dachsund Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Look at cute little adoptable Sophie only 8 weeks old and 6.9 pounds perfect addition to an active Puppy Loving Family!!!! Click below to adopt her. 



We have lots of dogs available for foster or adoption.  Please contact us and we will send you a list of these dogs. 

Below are the dogs we currently have in foster here in New Jersey right now.

 ADOPTION FEES: $375 - Dogs  /  $400 Puppies

IZZY (Miniature Pinscher & Chihuahua Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Meet sweet, friendly Izzy! This petite little 2 year old mini-pin mix is 12 pounds and very healthy. We think that she may have been with someone who stayed home all the time.  We have observed her to really bond to one person.  And when with that person be very confidant and happy. But, that may be because she is just adjusting.  Her family gave her a lot of love and socialization because as her foster observed, Izzy is very affectionate, well behaved, good on a leash and quite content.  She loves being a lapdog. She has been observed as being welcoming and friendly with strangers, her foster family, kids and the other dogs she lives with in foster.  But she likes to keep that one special person close by her side. She is also completely housetrained.  She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations and micro-chipped.  This beautiful, affectionate, obedient, alert, little girl is going to make one lucky person and family very happy. To apply, please click below to fill out an adoption application.

SALLY SMIDGE & LULU (Rat Terrier Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Sisters Lulu & Sally Smidge, rat terrier mixes were born on 5/24/17 and are a little over 3 weeks old and will be ready to meet approved families in early July. 

Sally Smidge has a full black head with many black spots on her body. She loves snuggling with her 4 brothers and is starting to chase her Mom when she comes near the puppy box. Individual pics to follow. 

Lulu is the 1st born of 6 puppies and has already started to get some teeth. Like any big sister, she does not let the boys step out of line. A true lady. Individual pics to follow.

Please check our Facebook Page for pics and videos. We update on Facebook very regularly.  




SISSY (Hound Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Meet sweet adoptable baby Sissy.  On June 16 brown hound mix Sissy was 8 weeks old and 6.9 pounds. She is a very gentle and loving puppy. She has been fully vetted for a puppy her age which includes a fecal sample, microchip, distemper and parvo vaccines. To apply to adopt Sissy please click below.



CLAIRE (Coonhound Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Meet sweet, mellow, good tempered Claire.  This 5 years young coonhound girl is as kind as can be but very skinny at 41 pounds.  She is great with other dogs and people.  Somehow someone left her at a kill shelter, where she was so confused and sad.  Now she is fully vetted which means she is spayed, microchipped, up to date on all her shots, and ready to be someone’s loyal forever girl.  These coonhound mixes walk elegantly, and tower over beagles that do look a lot like her.  We are looking for a family who appreciates hound mixes, has a fenced in backyard and enjoys long walks as well as restful time.  Claire has a great nose, but when she is not sniffing through the yard she loves to sit quietly by your side. Claire is basically a very mellow dog. To adopt Claire please click below. 


Yes we do allow our fosters to adopt.

LARRY & FRANKLIN (Rat Terrier Mix)

Young • Male • Small

Brothers Larry & Franklin rate terrier mixes were born on 5/24/17 and are a little over 3 weeks old. and will be ready to meet approved families in early July. 

Larry enjoys sleeping on his back and swatting his brothers. He has a grey black face with wrinkles around his eyes. A handsome vocal fella. 

Franklin is usually found snuggling at the bottom of the pile. He has a black head with a white stripe that extends from his snout to the middle of the top of his head. ​​

Please check our Facebook Page for pics and videos. We update on Facebook very regularly.  


JAKE (Shepherd Mix)

Young • Male • Small

Jake is an 8 or 9 weeks old Shepherd and 12 pounds. He's very healthy and full of puppy affection and love. He is a baby. To adopt him click below