(Boxer & Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Meet little 6.6 pound Layla, a very boxer looking baby with white feet, white muzzle, white belly, and lots of shiny brown fur. She is sweet and alert. She was found with her baby brother on the side of the road with no parent dog around. She at only 6 weeks old was the one comforting her little brother who is almost half her weight and also just a baby. She is active but not hyper. She is all love and comfort! She took care of her brother on the road and during the ride up from down South. She lets him lay on her. They cuddle and sleep together. They were not even able to eat hard food when they were found, that is how young they are. She has forgotten being left on the side of the road, she is all about kisses. 

Layla and George are of course not leash trained or trained in any way. So the right family will be enthusiastic about all aspects of puppy developmental stages from providing puppy shots at the various 12 and 16 week intervals (they have had their first series of puppy shots, deworming, and microchip) to housebreaking and basic training. This little girl will be all about loving her family. She is all about kisses and affection! To adopt please fill out an application at

Adoptable Dogs

Claire Extraordinaire

(Treeing Walker Coonhound)

Adult • Female • Medium

Peace4Paws saved 6 year old Claire (an elegant, lean 60 lb Treeing Walker Coonhound) from a Kentucky kill shelter just moments before she was about to be euthanized.  She has been fostered here in New Jersey since June 2017.  She is very sweet and protective of her foster home.  She bonds very well to her female foster mom and she did very well with her temporary foster dad.  She is not crazy about male dogs. She is not good with young kids. But she gets along with submissive female dogs. She would be great as an only dog or with a submissive female.  She is totally housebroken.  She is crate trained and actually really likes her crate which is kept open during the day. She loves to sniff everything.  She loves sunning herself in the backyard.  She is a happy girl.  She is up to date on all her shots and is spayed.  To adopt dear Claire (aka Clarisse) please click below.


(Beagle & Rat Terrier Mix)

Young • Female • Small

Gorgeous Belle is the perfect small dog. Only 23 pounds she is fully grown at one year of age. She is super attentive and friendly. Loves to sit in your lap or go for a walk or run. She is part beagle and rat terrier. She is up to date on all her shots, spayed and ready to be your perfect forever girl. She is very good with other dogs! To adopt Belle please click below to send us your application.


Yes we do allow our fosters to adopt.


(Beagle & Boxer Mix)

Puppy • Female • Large

Meet 6 month old puppy Maybelle! Beagle-boxer mix, 38 pounds. She appeared at a very overpopulated kill shelter back in November as a little puppy. On her last day she was pulled by a grandmother to give to her granddaughter as a gift. The family loved her but the mom said they didn’t have time for her. This is what we don’t want to happen to her again – people excited about a puppy – and then when they realize a puppy (or a dog) takes a little work to maintain, they abandon! At least for gentle Maybelle, in that time period Maybelle learned about being crated and other socialization details. She is definitely crate trained. She is leash trained (but still pulls a bit so will need some time there) and knows some basic commands. The family who surrendered her said she is housebroken also. Our foster noted that she loves driving in cars. If given the chance she will put her head in your lap as you drive. 

She is a super affectionate sweetheart who loves to snuggle! She has had two sets of puppy shots. Her first owner only gave her first set in November and there was no follow up until we got her. So now she is as up to date as she can be for her age. She just needs some love and a good family. She is just craving to be petted and loved. She will lay in your lap. She loves people. She would be best with a family with a fenced in backyard. To adopt this sweet, gentle beagle puppy girl please click below and fill out an adoption application.


(Labrador Retriever & Collie Mix)

Adult • Male • Large

This handsome fellow is Sir Bentley (also answers to Benny when not trying to be suave and cavalier). Not only is he charming and debonair, but quite spry, alert and full of personality at 10 years young. Oh, and he Loves the ladies....I need not elaborate. He is not shy about his overzealous admiration/appreciation for the female canines. So, even though he is neutered (sssshhhh, he refuses to disclose that compromising the 'Rico Suave' air he so portrays), he has the 'moves'!

Bentley is an 85 pound, sweet, affectionate and obedient Lab/Collie/Shepherd Mix. He dons a beautiful chocolate brown, ebony black brindle coat. In all his years it is apparent he has not been introduced nor cohabited with cats nor critters much smaller than him. This being said, his curiosity can be misconstrued as being "ruff" around the edges when succumbing to his inquisitive nature and enthusiastic personality. Residing with the aforementioned is probably not the ideal scenario for either party. :smiles and winks:: He plays well and is respectful with dogs close to his size/stature.

Sir Bentley was dumped at a high kill shelter in California as a direct result of his "family" (I use that term very loosely) to adopt a puppy. (Newsflash, people! Puppies get old! Beware unsuspecting innocent tot). 

Anyway, Benny is currently residing in Massachusetts and is ready for his furever home. He is up-to-date on shots and vaccines/preventatives and is house trained. 

This guy is almost perfect, have to say "almost" reality, what man is..... BUT HE IS DARN NEAR IDEAL!

Please feel free to contact me or Ashley, Sir Bentley's foster for questions and to reserve a meet and greet/speed date session with Benny.

You will fall in love.

Thank you!

Lynette Tropp

Ashley - 508-341-8611

(This is a courtesy post)


(Australian Shepherd & Labrador Retriever Mix)

Puppy • Female • Medium

Hi from baby Penny! Born 1/3/19, this little Australian Shepherd/Lab mix Penny was surrendered because she was from an unwanted pregnancy! We don't want her feelings hurt anymore - let's find her the great home she deserves. 

Penny weighs in a bit under 10 lbs. She is great with kids and loves cars. We have a pic of her gorgeous Australian Shepherd mom. To give this precious, soft bundle of love a place where she is truly wanted please fill out an adoption application at She has had one set of puppy shots and is quite healthy.


(Pocket Pit)

Adult • Male • Medium

Meet Peter. Peter is a super pet! This one year old, 35 pound bundle of love so appreciates being petted by everyone.  He also is great with dogs, cats and kids! He is a very grateful boy. Stray Peter was emaciated when found by our rescuer partner named Tina.  He was dehydrated, malnourished and soaking wet when she found him and brought him into her home. He would not have lasted a day longer.  Apparently he had been trying to survive on garbage as his stool showed signs of red baloney wrappers and other indigestible matter.  We took him to a vet immediately.  According to the vet he had scars around his neck from a chain.  Now he is in foster with three dogs and four cats.  He does not pay attention to the cats.  He loves cuddling on the couch.  He will be up to date on all his shots and neutered upon adoption.  To adopt Peter please fill out an application below.  Thank you !

Ozzy & Axle 

(Chihuahua Mixes)

Looking for a petite pair of bonded sweethearts? Ozzy (handsome & blonde, 11 lbs) 7 yr old dad and Axle (shiny and red, 11 lbs) 5yr old son are very bonded. These two cuties are very social and friendly. Additionally they are both kennel trained and will kennel on command. They are house broken.  They were due next month for annuals so the vet updated them. Great news that they are not just healthy but heartworm negative.  Both have just had their teeth cleaned. They were already neutered. The owner was elderly and in failing health and could no longer care for them. 

So they already lost their human parent and three other dogs they lived with, so the last thing we want is for them to lose each other. They were brought to a vet clinic for vetting and observed there.  The office manager/vet tech reports “Axle (son) is more dependent on Ozzy (dad) then Ozzy is of him. They are attached at the hip. They are never far apart from each other. If you start to pet one, the other is right behind demanding his turn. They listen well. We "walk" them through the clinic off leash and they go where you tell them to; either to the back door to go out to potty or back to the room they are staying in.

As for individual personality traits, Axle is very anxious when he isn't with Ozzy or can't see Ozzy.  We are even making accommodations so they can travel together in the same crate because of how upset Axle will be without Ozzy.”  They were not picked up by any other rescues other than us because it takes a little longer for a bonded pair to find the ideal home.  And they are ideal for the right home! They were very good with the other dogs they lived with so they can go into a home with the right other dogs. They were fine with the vet clinic cats. The should be fine with kids, not sure about toddlers. They should be introduced properly to kids and any other animals in the house and we can help with that. They are up to date on all their shots.  To adopt please fill out an application at  Thank you !  


We have lots of dogs available for foster or adoption.  Please contact us and we will send you a list of these dogs. 

Below are the dogs we currently have in foster here in New Jersey right now.


(Shepherd/Cur Mix)

Triple Whammy!!! 40 pound, 2 year old, Shepherd/Cur Belle is the sweetest but she was thrown in a shelter in KY as a puppy because she chased the chickens.  Then our foster in PA insisted on adopting her.  She was madly in love with her.  She filled out a contract which stated that you return the dog to Peace4Paws if it doesn't work out, but instead gave the dog away last April after having her about a year.  “She was too much for her” we heard later.  The family member she gave her to has three kids, two male dogs and a full time job and so Belle was too much for her now too mainly because Belle didn’t get along with her cats.  But Belle got along great with her male dogs and the kids.  She is a strong dog but obedient on a leash.  

So through no fault of her own, beautiful, affectionate, playful Belle needs a home.  She will be a great pet to the right family. In fact she needs a foster starting Saturday or she will be in boarding until a suitable foster (no cats, no babies, no alpha female dogs, exercise opportunity) is found.  A fenced in backyard and an active person or family would be ideal for dear Belle.  She really deserves that ideal family! Could you please open your heart to Belle? She’s beautiful inside and out and will light up your world if given the chance.  She is spayed, up to date on her shots, and very healthy, but she now has a broken heart. If you can find it in your heart to help this really sweet, fun girl please fill out a foster or adoption application at  Thank you.


(Boxer & Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

George, little boxer-pit mix, is only 3.7 lbs at 6 weeks old. He is mostly white with a little gray and beautiful blue eyes.  This baby was abandoned on the street with his sister Layla. When they were found they were both confused and bewildered.  Imagine, not even able to eat hard food and being without a parent dog to care for and feed them!  His sister is twice his size. She comforts him. She is his sibling but big sister weighing in at 6.9 pounds.  On his ride to NJ his foster/transporter said “He just wants to feel safe.  He wants to lay on you.  He lays on his sister Layla. He feels abandoned and wants to feel loved and safe.“  He has a great disposition and so sweet.  He is very, very young . He is at most six weeks.  So, he is just a baby.  He is will rely on his forever family to show him that the world is as good and as beautiful as he is inside and out. They are of course not leash trained or trained in any way.  So the right family will be enthusiastic about all aspects of puppy developmental stages from providing puppy shots at the various 12 and 16 week intervals ( they have had their first series of puppy shots, deworming and microchip) to housebreaking and basic training.  This boy will be all about pleasing his family. He is pure love! To adopt please fill out an application at

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