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"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."   
St. Francis of Assisi 


 Peace4paws is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit public charity based in Northern New Jersey. 
Since 2007, we have been dedicated to supporting sanctuary and forever homes for the animals retired from work in research and related fields through our foster & adoption program, fundraising events involving music, yoga, animal friendly events & more plus student outreach to kids from kindergarten through college.


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2 Drop Off Locations:

Papillon Bambino Children's Boutique 
32 Westwood Ave
Westwood, NJ 07675

Juluka Yoga Studio
394 Hillsdale Ave
Hillsdale, NJ 07642



& check out our facebook page for updates on them and other adoptable dogs!




YOGA 2016

February 26, 2016 // Special Yoga Benefit For Cleo Of Mylestone Equine Rescue
 Soo Yoon Leading Our Yoga Instruction - For Singles, Partner And Family Yoga
Jennifer Johnson On Vocals 

All other community yoga classes Friday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 5:00 - 6:00 pm in February and March will benefit the dogs of Peace4Paws. 
Two full months of great yoga to help the dogs! 
Please attend. 
They will be wonderful - just like the 2015 community classes

click here to learn more

 Our two 2015 Winter Juluka Yoga events were a big success.
visit the Couples Yoga page for photos
and the Media page for photos and video

Check out our past News 12 / Spotlight NJ segment with Della Cruz:




If you would like to volunteer for peace4paws in any way please, 
go to our NEW volunteers page. Thanks!

We always need fosters, publicists, social media talents and more,  so contact us now. 

Please click below to access our volunteer agreement form to print out and send to 217 Center Avenue, Westwood, NJ 07675.

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38 pound hound mix, Kate, affectionately referred to a “Katie” by Mindy’s granddaughter, is a sweet and affectionate, playful girl who is also very protective of her Foster family, as well as the home. She is “so playful, mouthy & all legs, not at all surprising for a healthy girl under 2 years young.  Katie has the mannerisms of a dedicated watch dog “securing the perimeter” of the house upon awakening and when she is satisfied all is well, she returns to the bedroom with Mindy until they begin their day together.”

She responds to “sit”, “treat” and “no” so, she undoubtedly has lived in a family environment at one time. She was only been in a shelter for a short period of time and has adapted beautifully to a “family” setting. She plays well with the other family dogs/fosters and they in turn took an immediate liking to her, thus welcoming her into their “Pac”.  She sits in the recliner but prefers to lounge in the bed.  She sleeps with Mindy, her head lovingly resting on Mindy as they fall asleep.

 Kate aka Katie has made it clear she has neither affection nor tolerance for the likes of deer and also pushes the limits when she is in close proximately of the cats, typical dog/cat banter.

Katie’s adaptability, intelligence and how effortless it was for her to to “play well” with the other canines after being in a shelter is the perfect indication she will make an ideal addition to any family regardless of the size. To see her and personally experience the amazing pup she is the only way to truly appreciate her for the gem she is and will grow into over the year. Come meet Kate.

Check for her arrival in NJ!


Bogo or "Bo" for short is a Beagle / Coonhound mix full of energy, enthusiasm, and love! He came to us just about a month ago as approximately 30 lbs but is a bit thin for his build and will likely fill up over time as evident from his hearty appetite. He is estimated to be about 4 years old but is as playful as a puppy! He loves to run, play, and meet other dogs and humans! He would likely fare well in a large family (possibly with children or other dogs) who can devote to him all the time and attention he so very much deserves!" He is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. 



Meet Oreo – our foster with the most combined enthusiasm, affection and intelligence to date!

Oreo is as sweet as his name and he is very smart!  Oreo is a young adult, male Austrailan Shepherd/Blue Heeler/Blue Catahoula mix at a sleek 44 pounds. He wants to sit in your lap, cuddle close, and do all his tricks for you and your family.  He loves to immerse himself in toys and spin them around for you! He is a confidant boy that is not afraid of men or babies crying like some timid dogs. Not Oreo, he is a lover and a performer! He loves to hug or jump in everyone’s lap when given the opportunity.  He lets the little kids pet him and stays calm if for some reason they run around or cry.  He just wants to be a part of the pack.  Oreo also loves having room to roam and frolic.  He loves having a backyard to patrol for squirrels or for the opportunity to play with the neighbor’s dog through the fence.  He likes playdates even better.  He is fostered with four other dogs and he interacts with each of them differently. He’s delicate to the seniors, snuggles with the snuggler and spars with the active young adult dogs.   Oreo is a young adult dog – somewhere between age 1.5 and age 4 we are not sure, but he is as energetic as a puppy.  He would love nothing more than to go jogging, hiking, or playdating all day long interspersed with some deep naps.  He is equally comfortable in a crate, a dog bed, the floor or your lap.  He is in great health.  Neutered and up to date on all his shots.  He will make a great new addition to any family.  He would be a real confidence builder to a family who has an unconfident dog, because he is smart and obedient.   He also can set a good example in obedience because he is very skilled at sit, paw, down, roll over, belly rubs, stay, go in your crate, or kiss.  He is a great all around dog that can’t wait finally connect with you forever home when you are ready! He is ready to love you forever!


Thank you for showing us what wonderful pets
animals retired from research and related fields really are.. WE LOVE YOU!

Click here for Blackie's Story ....



...and more are on their way from the Kindness Ranch soon


Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their life? Jolly is a goofy six-year-old Beagle who is always the life of the party and is guaranteed to make you smile! When he is not busy enthusiastically greeting visitors into his home, this energetic boy loves to play in the yard with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is also great at entertaining himself with any kind of ball toy he can find, and is always looking for the next fun thing to do. Jolly even has a happy dance for every occasion – morning time, play time, food time, treat time, bed time – or is that not-bed-time-yet time? Either way, Jolly is enjoying every moment of this life and would love his very own family to enjoy it with! This sweet boy is now living in Duchess County with sister beagle Sadie and cute cat Veronica and a very loving retired dad, enjoying all the joys of country life. Quite different from life in a lab environment. HE IS ADOPTED AND LIVING THE GOOD LIFE WITH SISTER SADIE AND RETIRED DAD FRANK GUZMAN UP IN THE COUNTRYSIDE OF NEW YORK... He is constantly going on hikes, fishing, vacations, etc. Not bad! Lets see if we can help the other 64,000 beagles in labs in the US have a similar fate.




 Our July 9, 2014
Summer Spiritual Fundraiser
"An Evening Ray Sette Psychic Medium" at the Richard Rodda Center in Teaneck, NJ WENT SO WELL.
Thanks Ray, Volunteers & Participants for collaborating to help the animals!

 Here is our promo video with Cupcake and Ray in it!
It was also featured as part of New12's Spotlight New Jersey with Della Cruz.  




Our Motto...

Research Animals Make Exceptional Pets!


Beagles are sweet, loving, cuddly, wonderful dogs!! Click here for an adoption application.



If you would rather print out the application and mail in
you may use this adoption application click

Otherwise click here for the interactive adoption application.


If you would rather print out the application and mail in
you may use this foster application click 
Otherwise click here for the interactive foster application.

Applications will be reviewed by our adoption and intake counselors as soon as possible. 


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About Us:

Our Ultimate Goal

A peaceful, natural, and happy home for every animal, including the animals retired from use in research and related fields.

Our Mission 

We are a foster group who work to rehome the animals retired from work in research and related fields.  

We also support sanctuaries like the Kindness Ranch.

We do student outreach.

We work with volunteers to organize events that:

Raise awareness for the necessity of permanent sanctuary and forever homes for animals retired from work in research and related fields through fundraising, student outreach and related activities.
We also foster retired research beagles that have come to us from the Kindness Ranch and other sanctuaries who worked in cooperation with laboratories and help those beagles find "furever" homes. 


Dogfest, Westwood, NJ, August 23, 2015
Community Yoga at Juluka - Hillsdale, NJ February 2016
Ongoing Student Outreach at Local Schools
Pawsfest, Westwood, NJ Grace Episcopal Church Sunday October 4, 2015 many more exciting events scheduled to come


Jennifer Cece, President
Susan Weinrich, Vice President
Amanda Berk, Second Vice President
Charles Bellon, Treasurer
Lucille Nardello - Recording & Corresponding Secretary

Board Of Directors

Jennifer Cece  -  Founder, Webmaster, Publicity Director, Event Coordinator, Music & Yoga Liaison
Susan Weinrich  -  Founder, Reception and Exhibits Director, Director of Aesthetics 
Peter Rabcevics  -  Technology Chair, Webmaster, Graphic Arts
Jim Cagle  -  CPA, Finance Chair
Amanda Berk - CPDT-KA Dog training specialist
Alan Stapleman - Adoption and Educational Outreach
Lucille Nardello, Fundraising Advisor, Coffee Coordinator
Daniel McNaught - Events and Special Projects
Doreen Holstein - Sunshine Chair, Childrens Corner


Cathy Schmidt Beagle Transportation Specialist
Michael Roemer, CPA, Financial Advisor & Beagle Transportation Specialist
Amy LaSpina - Assistant Corresponding Secretary & Administrator
Mandy Grant  -  E-RYT, Juluka Yoga
Steve Cohen
Jennifer Decker
Elaine Berk
Lynette Tropp
Mary Lou Harvey
Tom Timbrook


Jennifer Cece
Lucille Nardello - Medical Director
Mary Harvey - Transport Director
Lynette Tropp
David Conrad
Cathy Schmidt
Josephine Yao
Alan Stapleman
Charles Bellon
Ann Job
Matthew Heatherington
Jim Cagle

peace4paws is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 public charity all donations are tax deductible


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