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"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."   
St. Francis of Assisi 


 Peace4paws is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit public charity based in Northern New Jersey. 
Since 2007, we have been dedicated to supporting sanctuary and forever homes for the animals retired from work in research and related fields through our foster & adoption program, fundraising events involving music, yoga, animal friendly events & more plus student outreach to kids from kindergarten through college.


& check out our facebook page for updates on them and other adoptable dogs!


Our two Winter Juluka Yoga events were a big success. The rest of February's community yoga classes went to benefit Peace4Paws so enjoy Juluka Yoga this month and always.
visit the Couples Yoga page for photos
and the Media page for photos and video

Plus check out our News 12 / Spotlight NJ segment with Della Cruz:



If you would like to volunteer for peace4paws in any way please, 
go to our NEW volunteers page. Thanks!

We always need fosters, publicists, social media talents and more,  so contact us now. 

Please click below to access our volunteer agreement form to print out and send to 217 Center Avenue, Westwood, NJ 07675.

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A message from Pumpkin!
“Good morning!  I’m Pumpkin! I’m only a year old and 28 pounds but I love adults, kids and other dogs!  I am a hound mix dog, a little shy at first, but then soon after I meet someone nice like you my tail can’t stop waggling. People tell me I am sweet and cute.  I am a little heartbroken about being abandoned but I am so hopeful that the future will be much better than the past.  When one door closes, another door opens.  Are you the one to open your home and heart to me?  I can’t wait to start again! Xoxxoxo Arrooo! “



Bess, 9 years old, brought to a shelter by owner because she wouldn't get pregnant (too old, supposedly).  Small, around 22pounds.  Sweet natured. Would make a wonderful companion.



This is Elsa. Sherry, who found Elsa, contacted us for help as Elsa roamed upon her property and neighborhood. Concerned Elsa was going to get hit by a car on the highway she lives near, Sherry took Elsa in until a rescue placement could be found. Efforts have been made to find Elsa's owner, but no luck. She appeared to be quite young, a year or less, as her teeth are super clean.

Elsa has shown herself to be very friendly and loveable. She has gotten along great with the six dogs, as well as the cats, at Sherry's home. She loves being with people! She loves playing with toys.  She loves her snacks and sniffing around the backyard. She did appear to have an old injury, possibly an old break, to one of her hind legs. It appears as though it has healed, and it did not affect her mobility at all, but you can see a slight difference where the injury was.

We had a committed adopter, so, we sent Elsa to the vet for all her vaccinations, shots and spaying. We also asked that the vet xray her legs just to make sure she was fine.  Apparently, although she plays and walks and runs, she does have an issue in the right hind leg that could bother her later.  The femur was not securely in the socket, which would indicate that she was indeed in some kind of accident.  In order to be insured a very healthy, active future into her old age the doctor recommended FHO surgery. Apparently from all our research, this is a very common and successful surgery. Similar types of surgery are done on the shoulders of people, etc. It is a very helpful surgery.  When the adopter was told that young Elsa was getting this surgery they dropped their application on Elsa. We were very surprised and disappointed that Elsa was abandoned and yet again. But, if anything it renewed our commitment to helping this sweet dog in her time of need!  We will get that for her April 21st by a very experienced doctor who has done this surgery many times. It is rather expensive, so for this surgery we were asking if anyone would donate any amount of money, small or large to help cover the expenses.  Donations can go through our paypal on the donate page or on Elsa's special fundraising page:

Visit to learn more. 

Elsa is such a sweet dog.  She just loves people and other dogs. She won't know exactly why she is getting the surgery, but she is so trusting and with such a nice foster she will understand in some other way that the surgery and the short rehab is all out of love !  Please send your love for animals in need Elsa's way.

Meanwhile, we are confidant that Elsa's forever family is out there somewhere and will contact us when they are ready!

Thank you for showing us what wonderful pets
animals retired from research and related fields really are.. WE LOVE YOU!

Click here for Blackie's Story ....



...and more are on their way from the Kindness Ranch soon


Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their life? Jolly is a goofy six-year-old Beagle who is always the life of the party and is guaranteed to make you smile! When he is not busy enthusiastically greeting visitors into his home, this energetic boy loves to play in the yard with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is also great at entertaining himself with any kind of ball toy he can find, and is always looking for the next fun thing to do. Jolly even has a happy dance for every occasion – morning time, play time, food time, treat time, bed time – or is that not-bed-time-yet time? Either way, Jolly is enjoying every moment of this life and would love his very own family to enjoy it with! This sweet boy is now living in Duchess County with sister beagle Sadie and cute cat Veronica and a very loving retired dad, enjoying all the joys of country life. Quite different from life in a lab environment. HE IS ADOPTED AND LIVING THE GOOD LIFE WITH SISTER SADIE AND RETIRED DAD FRANK GUZMAN UP IN THE COUNTRYSIDE OF NEW YORK... He is constantly going on hikes, fishing, vacations, etc. Not bad! Lets see if we can help the other 64,000 beagles in labs in the US have a similar fate.




 Our July 9th
Our Summer Spiritual Fundraiser
"An Evening Ray Sette Psychic Medium" at the Richard Rodda Center in Teaneck, NJ WENT SO WELL.
Thanks Ray, Volunteers & Participants for collaborating to help the animals!

 Here is our promo video with Cupcake and Ray in it!
It was also featured as part of New12's Spotlight New Jersey with Della Cruz.  



This luncheon at Bbi'z Westwood, NJ was standing room only ! Thanks for your support.
It was an amazing event in a myriad of ways!!!

Great food, great live music, great raffle prizes and cash 50/50 and a great cause!  
All to support forever homes for our animal friends retired from work in labs. 

Check out more about this fun event on Facebook or visit the Benefit Luncheon 5.31.14 page under our events.
included in the event were two amazing, young talented performers 7 year old Ava & Cora Patelsky!


Our Motto...

Research Animals Make Exceptional Pets!


Beagles are sweet, loving, cuddly, wonderful dogs!! Click here for an adoption application.



If you would rather print out the application and mail in
you may use this adoption application click

Otherwise click here for the interactive adoption application.


If you would rather print out the application and mail in
you may use this foster application click 
Otherwise click here for the interactive foster application.

Applications will be reviewed by our adoption and intake counselor Lisa Rose.


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About Us:

Our Ultimate Goal

A peaceful, natural, and happy home for every animal, including the animals retired from use in research and related fields.

Our Mission 

We are a foster group who work to rehome the animals retired from work in research and related fields.  

We also support sanctuaries like the Kindness Ranch.

We do student outreach.

We work with volunteers to organize events that:

Raise awareness for the necessity of permanent sanctuary and forever homes for animals retired from work in research and related fields through fundraising, student outreach and related activities.
We also foster retired research beagles that have come to us from the Kindness Ranch and other sanctuaries who worked in cooperation with laboratories and help those beagles find "furever" homes. 


Benefit Luncheon - May 31, 2014 Bibi's Restaurant & Lounge, Westwood, NJ
Ray Sette Spiritualist, Pyschic & Medium Event -Rodda Center, Teaneck, NJ 
- July 9, 2014
Oradell K-9 Karnival, 1 Veterans Place, Oradell, NJ April 27, 2014
Dogfest, Westwood, NJ, August 2014
Community Yoga at Juluka - Hillsdale, NJ February 2015
Ongoing Student Outreach at Local Schools
Pawsfest, Westwood, NJ Grace Episcopal Church Sunday October 5, 2014
Blue Moon Community Nite, Woodcliff Lake, NJ - Fall 2015 many more exciting events scheduled to come


Jennifer Cece, President
Susan Weinrich, Vice President
Amanda Berk, Second Vice President
Charles Bellon, Treasurer
Lucille Nardello - Recording & Corresponding Secretary

Board Of Directors

Jennifer Cece  -  Founder, Webmaster, Publicity Director, Event Coordinator, Music & Yoga Liaison
Susan Weinrich  -  Founder, Reception and Exhibits Director, Director of Aesthetics 
Peter Rabcevics  -  Technology Chair, Webmaster, Graphic Arts
Jim Cagle  -  CPA, Finance Chair
Amanda Berk - CPDT-KA Dog training specialist
Lisa Rose - Adoption Director, Medical Director

Alan Stapleman - Adoption and Educational Outreach
Donna Eldridge - Marketing Chair
Daniel McNaught - Events
Sara Henry - Events
Melissa Riario - Events
Rachel Katic - Events
Doreen Holstein  -  Sunshine Chair, Children's Corner


Cathy Schmidt Beagle Transportation Specialist
Michael Roemer, CPA, Financial Advisor & Beagle Transportation Specialist
Lucille Nardello, Fundraising Advisor, Coffee Coordinator
Amy LaSpina - Assistant Corresponding Secretary & Administrator
Tammy Dunham-George  -  RVT, Former Caretaker of retired research animals

Mandy Grant  -  E-RYT, Juluka Yoga
Steve Cohen
Jennifer Decker
Elaine Berk
Tom Timbrook

peace4paws is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 public charity all donations are tax deductible


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